A Trophy Coues Deer Hunt


It just couldn’t possibly get any hotter. The heat seemed to radiate like an oven off of the black pile of volcanic rock that we were glassing from. The metal legs on my optics tripod felt hot enough to light a cigarette from. This was definitely not the weather that you would expect to be in while hunting for rutting mule deer or coues deer.

mexico coues deer outfittersI was in Sonora Mexico and had finished up guiding a group of hunters the day before and got the very rare opportunity of being able to embark on a trophy coues deer hunt for myself. There was an extra Coues deer and Mule deer tag left on the ranch and I had two days available to hunt before I had to move on to another ranch and another group of hunters. Helping me glass on my little two-day vacation was my friend and local ranch vaquero Manuel and his teenage son Sergio. Both of these guys have the most incredible eyesight I have ever encountered. I don’t know why I even let them borrow any binos as they seemed not to need them to find deer. They can also hike like mountain goats while wearing pointy, slick leather soled cowboy boots. Manuel and Sergio are as nimble as cats in rough country wearing cowboy boots that would effectively reduce someone like me to lameness in just a matter if minutes. These guys never seem to get tired and are always in a good mood. I couldn’t have asked for better company on my spur of the moment Mexico Coues Deer hunt.

We had been glassing since daylight from the top of a steep volcanic hill and had seen quite a few Coues deer throughout the course of the day. It was amazing to me that there were any Coues deer at all out rutting and chasing does in the intense Sonora heat. Chasing does would be the last thing on my mind if I was a deer. I would promptly head for the nearest shade tree and comfortably chew my cud while trying to cool off. From our perch we could glass both the desert flats to the north of us for Mexico mule deer and also the line of foothills to our south for Coues deer. We spotted numerous bucks of both species but none that I was really interested in going after. I wanted to extend my personal mini hunting trip as much as I could so it would have to take quite a good buck for me to pull the trigger. Around noon we scrambled down off the hill to go get some lunch, a couple of ice cold cervezas, and get a little shade.

My digital temperature gauge in my truck read 102 degrees as we headed in for our carne asada lunch. Anyone that has spent any kind of time around me knows that I am a maniacal carne asada addict that is far beyond any hope of recovery. After we cooled off, drank a few cold Tecates, and consumed a few kilos of the best beef in the world we loaded up again and headed back into the oven like afternoon weather.

We resumed our positions on our rock pile again and started scouring the countryside. About the only thing that seemed to be moving were the heat waves in our optics. The intense heat now had every living thing hidden in the shade and it looked like we should have done likewise. We continued glassing and despite the weather I was really enjoying my personal Coues deer hunting time with my two good friends.

About an hour before dark we decided to start heading back to the ranch house with the hopes that we might run into something moving right before dark. We arrived at a gate which Sergio opened and as soon as I was through a Coues deer doe trotted out right in front of us. A couple seconds later out came a tremendous looking Coues Deer buck behind her. It took all of one second to decide that I really wanted this buck. He chased his doe back across in front of us and gave me some time to get set up for a shot. By the time I was ready the deer were about 200 yards away and were moving out fast. I led the trotting buck and touched off a shot. The buck instantly disappeared and Manuel confirmed a solid hit.

coues deer outfitters

I was now hoping that the buck was as big as I thought he was as we walked up to him. I only got a split second look at him before I took the shot and massive ground shrinkage usually takes place on hurried deals like this one.

It ended up being the other way around. Manuel reached him first and hollered that he was a toad. He had the buck’s rack held up out of the tall grass and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with this tremendous trophy. The buck was absolutely beautiful.

He was an old warrior with many scars and had a heavy dark rack that ended up scoring 112 B&C typical points. This Coues Deer buck was everything I could have asked for and more. My little 2 day vacation ended up being a great time spent with great friends and was capped off with a great buck. Life doesn’t get much better.



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  1. Awesome buck! I can’t wait to hunt coues deer with ya. Looking forward to it.