Arizona Black Bear Hunts


Black Bear Hunts - arizona black bear outfitters, arizona guided black bear hunts, arizona bear hunts, guides for black bear in arizona, outfitters for black bear in arizona, western states black bear huntsA trophy color phase Black Bear hunt is usually the very last hunt that a trophy black bear hunter has on their mind when thinking of Arizona Big Game hunts, or just thinking about any kind of big game hunting in Arizona in general for that matter.

Most serious trophy hunters are very well aware of the world class mule deer, coues deer, elk, desert bighorn sheep, and antelope hunting that is found in the Copper state but very few trophy big game hunters realize that Arizona is home to a great population of record book quality color phase Black Bears.

6 of the top 14 trophy black bears that are currently recorded in the Boone & Crockett club record books were harvested right here in the great state of Arizona and the Copper State continues to produce giant black bears for many of the trophy black bear hunters that wisely decide to hunt in Arizona.

Lots of lunker headed trophy color phase black bears await the lucky bear hunters who wisely choose to come out and experience our trophy Arizona black bear hunts. The state of Arizona is very foolishly ignored by most black bear hunters when choosing their bear hunting destinations, leaving largely untapped record book bear hunting opportunities for all of our guided Arizona black bear hunters.

arizona black bear huntsOne of the things that makes an Arizona black bear hunt such a unique experience is the desert type of terrain in which many of our guided and outfitted Arizona black bear hunts take place in. The incredibly diverse desert terrain that many trophy black bears inhabit across the state of Arizona can be quite surprising to a first time Arizona bear hunter. Many Arizona black bears can be found in very low elevation desert type country that seems more suited to desert tortoises and rattlesnakes and does not resemble anything that trophy black bears would even remotely begin to inhabit. Don’t let the surprising looks of this Arizona black bear country fool you though. These desolate and wild looking Arizona desert hunting areas can be absolutely loaded with trophy color phase black bears when the conditions are just right.

Arizona Black Bear Outfitters

Another very attractive and exciting feature of our trophy black bear hunts in Arizona is that most of the bears that you will see while hunting bears with us in Arizona will be color phased. We usually have a really hard time trying to locate any bears on our Arizona black bear hunts that are solid black in color. We have been able to harvest many trophy bears in the Copper State over the years that we have been guiding and outfitting bear hunts and to this date we have only harvested a small handful of bears in Arizona that were solid black in color. Look no further than the great state of Arizona and us here at Yavapai Outfitters LLC for your trophy color phase black bear hunts this year.

We hunt most of our trophy color phase black bears just like we hunt our deer and elk in Arizona, by glassing them up and spotting and stalking them. It is not allowed to bait for bears on public land in Arizona so one of our most effective bear hunting strategies is finding a good food source where most of the bears will be concentrated on and feeding in, then thoroughly glassing the entire hunting area with our world class optics and tripods until the trophy black bear that you would like to personally harvest is spotted.

Arizona Black Bear Outfitters

Once a trophy black bear that we determine to be a shooter is found, we will plan a careful stalk to get you within shooting range or we will try to call the bear into closer shooting range with a predator call. You never know if black bears are going to respond to the predator call but when they do respond it sure makes things very exciting in a hurry. We have had big Arizona black bears that come flying in at a dead run to the call and we have also had bears take a long time coming in and will slowly and carefully sneak their entire way in to the call location. Any time that a trophy black bear comes into a call though you can rest assured that the excitement will be high and the adrenaline will be pumping.

We also offer trophy guided Arizona black bear hunts with a highly experienced and highly trained pack of bear hounds. Our Arizona bear hunts with hounds have no equal when it comes to adrenaline raising excitement and fast and furious trophy black bear hunting action. The Arizona bear guides that we employ on our bear hunts with hounds are some of the very finest houndsmen and black bear guides in the business. Get ready to experience one of the most exciting and adrenaline filled black bear hunts in the world when you book one of our trophy Arizona black bear hunts with hounds.

If you are looking for a trophy caliber color phase black bear and are looking for a very unique and exciting bear hunting experience, you need to give our guided Arizona black bear hunts some serious consideration when you are deciding where to go for your next trophy black bear hunts this year.

arizona black bear hunts

We would love to have you in one of our trophy color phase black bear camps this year and show you what this exciting trophy Arizona black bear hunting is all about.

Contact us at any time for more details on our trophy Arizona Black Bear Hunts. In the meantime we’ll go out and get some giant color phase black bears located for you. Hope to see you in bear camp this year………..


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