Arizona Mountain Lion Hunts

Arizona Mountain Lion OutfittersARIZONA MOUNTAIN LION HUNTS

Are you ready to be exhausted, excited, shaking with nerves, all while having the best time of your life at the same time?

Start planning your guided Arizona Mountain Lion Hunts with us today.

There really are no words that can describe what comes over a person when you first lock eyes at close range with one of these magnificent and powerful predators on our guided Arizona mountain lion hunts.

The thrilling excitement that takes place when a mountain lion is bayed by our highly experienced pack of dry ground lion hounds gives a hunter one of the greatest adrenaline rushes that can be experienced while Big Game hunting anywhere on the planet.

The roar of the frenzied pack of mountain lion hounds and the excitement of seeing such a large and dangerous predator up close and personal is an experience that will never, ever be forgotten no matter how many more exciting trophy big game hunts you might get to experience in your lifetime.

Guided Mountain Lion hunts can almost be classified as a drug of sorts as it is extremely easy to get hopelessly hooked on them for life.

Mountain Lion Outfitters

As beautiful and majestic a trophy that mountain lions are, it is the guided mountain lion hunting experience itself that is the greatest trophy that a big game hunter will bring back from a going on guided trophy mountain lion hunts.

Watching an experienced and highly trained pack of dry ground lion hounds working in unison as a team while working a difficult mountain lion track on bone dry dirt with body and tail shaking enthusiasm is truly an inspirational sight to see.

Rarely do you ever see something that is doing exactly what it was born and bred to do with such dedication and endless determination as you get to see while watching our highly experienced pack of dry ground lion hounds.

Getting up early on a cold winter morning, loading up all of the excited lion hounds into the dog box in the back of the truck, then hunting mountain lions through some of the most rugged and beautiful canyons in the West burns images into your minds eye that will never be forgotten for as long as you live.

Guided mountain lion hunts

One of our all time favorite trophy big game hunts that we conduct here at Yavapai Outfitters LLC is our Arizona dry ground mountain lion hunts.

Guided Arizona Mountain lion hunts can be conducted in the snow with snowmobiles, trucks, atv’s, and various other different ways but our favorite lion hunting method is free casting the lion hounds on dry ground conditions.

Once a large tom mountain lion track is located by our pack of dry ground lion hounds the excitement really begins.

If the lion track is fresh enough our mountain lion hounds will start bawling and whipping their tails furiously as they gather information about that particular mountain lion track.

Care must be taken that the lion hounds begin following the track in the correct direction that the mountain lion is traveling. A lion hound cannot tell which direction a mountain lion is traveling just from the scent alone and it is up to the professional mountain lion guides to determine that the pack of lion hounds is trailing the lion in the right direction.

Once we make sure that our pack of dry ground lionds hounds is following the correct path of the mountain lion track, hang on and get ready for a true western hunting adventure.

The chase might be short or take all day but rest assured that every minute spent watching the pack of Arizona lion hounds furiously work the fresh track will be filled with excitement and anticipation.

Arizona Mountain Lion Guides

You never know where the mountain lion will decide to bay up once our dry ground lion hounds have caught up to the lion.

The mountain lion might choose to climb up into a tree, climb up on top of a giant boulder, hide in a deep cave, or go all the way out onto the face of a dangerously steep cliff.

Things can get a little “western” once you arrive at the lion.

Shots can be anywhere from 100 yards to literally point blank on a bayed lion so mountain lion hunters need to be ready to possibly do some quick shooting in a very adrenaline filled situation.

Mountain lion hunts

Contact us today if you are ready to experience one of the most exciting Big Game hunts on the planet, a trophy mountain lion hunt in Arizona.

Tags for our trophy Arizona mountain lion hunts are purchased over the counter and do not need to be drawn.

Don’t wait any longer to experience one of the most exciting big game hunts in the world. We hunt mountain lions all year round so come on out to Arizona with us any time this year and enjoy the thrilling adventure of our trophy Mountain Lion hunts.




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