2011 Arizona Mule Deer #2

the best guides for the arizona strip  2011 ARIZONA MULE DEER #2

After starting out with a great buck harvested on our first rifle 2011 Arizona Mule Deer hunt we were eager to begin our next hunt and pursue some of the giant mule deer bucks that we had located during our scouting trips.

One trophy mule deer buck in particular that we had located was a very massive antlered and wide typical buck that we felt was a Boone & Crockett caliber mule deer buck.

We had been seeing this trophy mule deer buck since September and he stayed relatively close to the small area that he called home all summer.

This great typical Arizona mule deer buck was also accompanied by two other tremendous non typical mule deer bucks that were opening day shooters as well and were all living in the same area.

We felt that we really needed to spend the first few days hunting this particular area in hopes that one the great Arizona mule deer bucks that we had located here would surface and hopefully present us with a shot situation.

We arrived a week early to scout before the hunt and were very excited to see that this buck was still here right before the hunt was about to start along with his other giant buddies.

Opening day found us waiting for daylight to start glassing intently atop a small hill that allowed us to overlook a lot of this country that these bucks were inhabiting.

the best guides for the arizona strip

As luck and the Good Lord would have it, we were extremely fortunate to glass this great Arizona mule deer up right at daylight.

He was feeding all by himself on a sage covered hillside in a spot that would offer us a very good opportunity to stalk in for a close rifle shot.

After crossing several ridges we finally arrived to the base of the opposite ridge that we needed to top to be directly across from the buck.

We topped the ridge and immediately spotted the buck right below us and staring a hole right through us.

The rangefinder read 286 yards and after one perfectly placed shot the great buck was down for the count.

The buck was everything that we had expected and more and after a prayer of thanks to the Lord and a long photo session we were back at it trying to locate another giant Arizona mule deer for our remaining hunters.

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