Arizona Hunt Unit 22

arizona elkArizona Hunt Unit 22


Big Game species found in Arizona Hunt Unit 22

  • Black Bear
  • Elk
  • Javelina
  • Merriam’s Turkey
  • Mountain Lion
  • Mule Deer
  • Coues Deer



Arizona Unit 22 Big Game Hunts

Arizona Unit 22 Elk: Unit 22, which is located right in the very heart of the world famous and world reknowned Mogollon Rim Country of north central Arizona, has good elk densities, decent trophy bull elk quality, and good elk numbers across most of the country that this Arizona hunting unit encompasses. Unit 22 also has some very large and very remote wilderness areas that can provide serious trophy bull elk hunters with some very high quality, low hunter pressure, trophy bull elk hunting especially during the late season rifle bull elk hunt in Arizona unit 22. Another attractive feature that some Arizona unit 22 elk hunts offer is that it is an Arizona elk unit that can be drawn by both non residents and residents alike without having a lot of elk bonus points built up. Thats right, you can go on a trophy wilderness rifle Arizona bull elk hunt in unit 22 a lot sooner than you think. Arizona Unit 22 is split up into two halves for some of the bull elk hunts that are offered annually here. The halves consist of unit 22 north and unit 22 south. The elk hunts in Arizona unit 22 north have considerably more elk tags offered due to the much higher elk numbers and densities that are found in the northern section of unit 22. The elk hunts in Arizona unit 22 south have much less elk tags available due to lower numbers and lower densities of elk being found in the southern portion of unit 22. Both the northern and southern halves of unit 22 do contain some quality bull elk though. You will have hardly any hunt pressure or competition on most of the Arizona bull elk hunts in unit 22 south but the elk are a lot more scattered and are much tougher to find than in unit 22 north. Elk hunters who apply for and end up drawing unit 22 north bull tags will have more competition for the bulls but elk numbers are much higher in the north and are easier to find. Hunting the wilderness area though will eliminate most of the hunter pressure for the unit 22 bull elk hunts and provide you with a much higher quality Arizona bull elk hunting experience. Prespective elk hunters need to be prepare accordingly to hunt the wilderness areas that are found in Arizona hunt Unit 22. The terrain here is remote and can be rugged making horses and mules a necessity for both getting yourself in and out of the elk country as well as packing your elk out of the wilderness also. Whether you are thinking of applying for an early rut archery bull tag, early rifle bull tag, late season archery bull tag, or late season rifle bull elk tag, keep Arizona unit 22 in mind when applying for your Arizona Elk Hunts this year.

Unit 22 Black Bear: Unit 22 offers excellent Arizona black bear hunts for big game hunters who would like to harvest a trophy color phase record book black bear. This unit supports a very good population of trophy color phased black bears and plenty of remote and rugged bear country where these arizona black bears can grow old and reach both Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett record book caliber size. Hunters who are looking to experience quality arizona black bear hunts will do well by choosing to hunt their trophy black bear in Arizona hunt unit 22.

Unit 22 Coues Deer: Unit 22 also has some very high quality Arizona coues deer hunts available. These little gray ghosts of the desert grow to record book sizes in Arizona Unit 22 and deer numbers and densities are good. Unit 22 also offers some excellent archery coues deer hunts that can be combined to include archery black bear and archery turkey as well. You will not see the very high numbers of coues deer in unit 22 as you would in the southern part of Arizona but with some hard work and pre season scouting you can find some very high quality Arizona Coues Deer bucks in Arizona Unit 22.

Unit 22 Mountain Lion: Unit 22 is one of the best units for mountain lions in the state of Arizona. This unit usually produces some of the highest annual harvest numbers for mountain lions and is an excellent choice for trophy Arizona mountain lion hunts. Your best chance for success on mountain lion hunts in Arizona is to acquire the professional services of an experienced and reputable houndsman. Mountain lions are very shy and secretive animals and trying to hunt them without a trained pack of experienced mountain lion hounds can be next to impossible.

Unit 22 Guides and Outfitters:  Call or email us right away if you have drawn an Arizona unit 22 hunt tag and are looking to maximize the trophy potential of your hunt. Yavapai Outfitters LLC is one of your top choices in premium quality professional Arizona hunting outfitters and Arizona hunting guides for Unit 22. Our team has many years of experience guiding world class trophy hunts for all of the big game species that are found in Arizona’s unit 22 and will provide you with a first class trophy hunting experience from start to finish.

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