Arizona Black Bear Outfitters

Arizona Black Bear Outfitters 


Arizona is a very overlooked state for premium quality trophy Black Bear hunts. Six of the top 14 trophy black bears ever recorded in the Boone and Crockett record book have come from the great state of Arizona and many record book black bears are continually harvested in Arizona every single year. There is a very high population of record class color phase Black Bears that are just waiting for you to come and hunt in the great state of Arizona with us this year.

 A very high percentage of the trophy Arizona black bear population is color phased making Arizona one of the premier trophy bear hunting destinations in the world if you are looking for your next trophy color phase black bear hunts.

  A very exciting feature about our Arizona trophy color phase black bear hunts is that most all of the Arizona bear hunt tags and licenses are available for purchase over the counter and do not have to be drawn. You can start planning your very own trophy bear hunt with us this year and not worry about having to wait to draw a tag.

We guide and outfit serious trophy big game hunters to trophy class black bears annually in the great state of Arizona. We are hard working, highly experienced, and dedicated Arizona black bear outfitters that will give you a 110% effort every single day on your trophy black bear hunts of a lifetime. Arizona is usually the very last place in the world that most big game hunters think of when planning a trophy bear hunt but the Copper State continually produces some of the very finest black bear hunting in the world. Combine the record book size that Arizona bears can often reach along with the very high concentration of color phase bears that Arizona has and you have the perfect recipe for the trophy black bear hunt of your lifetime.

Arizona black bears come in all different kinds of color phases including the extremely rare blonde phase and in some cases two-toned and even multi-colored bears. Look no further than the great state of Arizona and us here at Yavapai Outfitters LLC if you are looking for trophy color phase black bear hunts. We have three different seasons available to hunt trophy black bears in the state of Arizona. The first Arizona black bear season that is available is the spring bear season which generally runs from late March through May. There is also an archery spring black bear season in Arizona that runs from early spring all the way through the end of July. Arizona’s summer black bear season opens up in early August and runs through September or until the sow harvest quota is met for that particular Arizona bear unit. The fall Arizona black bear season opens up in early October and runs through November or until the sow harvest quota has been met in that particular Arizona bear unit.

Black Bear Outfitters In the summer and fall months of August through October lots of the Arizona black bears will start to come out of their high country spring and winter domains in search of high quality food sources to put on as much weight as they possibly can in order to get ready to hibernate and survive the upcoming harsh winter months.

Many Arizona black bears in the desert areas of the state will start to travel to the lower elevations of their home ranges looking for prickly pear cactus fruit which is the Arizona black bears all time favorite food source. When the conditions are just right, a large amount of Arizona black bears will start to gather in high concentrations on prickly pear cactus filled slopes to feed and gorge themselves all day long on the rich prickly pear cactus fruit. Another food source that many Arizona trophy black bears will congregate on in the fall is acorns. When the acorns ripen in the fall it is not uncommon to be able to observe several trophy bears feeding at once in the same acorn covered stand of oaks.

When these conditions take place the Arizona black bear hunting can be absolutely phenomenal and trophy black bear hunters will get the very exciting chance to observe several different trophy black bears daily. It’s pretty exciting to be glassing a prickly pear or acorn and oak covered slope and be able to watch several trophy black bears feeding at once. This makes for a world class spot and stalk rifle or archery black bear hunting opportunity that you can take advantage of this fall in Arizona without having to draw a tag.

Our summer and fall Arizona black bear hunts are mainly spot and stalk glassing style bear hunts but we also offer trophy color phase black bear hunts in Arizona with a very highly experienced pack of Arizona bred hard working bear hounds. Our Arizona black bear guides that we employ are some of the very best bear guides in the business. Whether you book one of our spot and stalk Arizona bear hunts, or one of our Arizona bear hunts with hounds, you can rest assured that you will be hunting with a highly experienced Arizona bear hunting professional that will give you a 110% effort every single day of your trophy black bear hunt.

If you are ready for an extreme adrenaline rush, seeing some big color phase black bears up close, and watching a world class pack of bear hounds work, then you need to book one of our high adrenaline trophy Arizona bear hunts with hounds today. Loading up all of the very excited bear hounds in the truck early on a cool Arizona morning, listening to the hounds strike a fresh bear scent off the rig, watching them roar into the forest in pursuit of your trophy bear, then arriving at the bayed up bear are memories you will experience that are going to last you a lifetime. Many of the giant Arizona black bears that we harvest on our trophy bear hunts with hounds choose to stop and fight the hounds on the ground at close range. This can make for some of the most exciting and adrenaline filled bear hunting action you can experience on the planet.

We have also had great success on our hunts by calling in Arizona black bears in to close range using predator calling techniques during our spring, summer, and fall spot and stalk Arizona black bear hunts.

There is nothing more exciting than watching a very large and very hungry Arizona black bear come running in to close range to the predator call. Predator calling for giant black bears in to close range offers trophy black bear hunters a very unique and very exciting trophy black bear hunt that will not soon be forgotten.

Come on down to Arizona with us this fall and see what these trophy Arizona black bear hunts are all about. The next record book black bear that comes into of one of our trophy black bear camps might as well be yours.

Yavapai Outfitters LLC also books hound hunts for trophy black bears in Idaho with our trophy black bear outfitting partner. Our hound hunts in Idaho also offer hunters a fantastic bear hunt with great numbers of trophy sized color phase black bears while hunting with a top quality outfitter who has a lifetime of experience as a houndsman and producing giant color phase bears.

Contact us today for more information on our exciting world class black bear hunts that we offer in Arizona and Idaho.



Yavapai Outfitters LLC has recently joined forces with some of the finest Big Game Hunting Outfitters in the state of Arizona to form two new professional Big Game outfitting companies: Arizona Strip Guides LLC and Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC. Log on to and for more pictures and information on our two new Arizona Big Game Outfitting companies.