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We guide and outfit premium quality Trophy Mule Deer Hunts on the Arizona Strip, Kaibab Plateau, Central Arizona, and the Southern Arizona desert.

Our highly experienced professional Arizona mule deer guides spend countless days scouting the entire state of Arizona for trophy mule deer bucks year round making us one of your top choices in Arizona Mule Deer outfitters for your long awaited trophy mule deer hunts in the Copper State.

Arizona Strip and Kaibab Mule Deer Hunts:

Yavapai Outfitters and McClendons Guide Service are very excited to announce the formation of our new Arizona mule deer outfitting company, Arizona Strip Guides LLC. Arizona Strip Guides LLC was formed by Travis McClendon and David Pereda to provide serious trophy mule deer hunters with premium quality professional guide and outfitter services for all of the trophy mule deer hunts that are available on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau. Combining forces and creating the Arizona Strip Guides Team allows us to pool together our extensive years of trophy mule deer hunting experience and tremendous amount of outfitting resources to offer you one of the “Best of the Best” professional guide and outfitter services for all of the trophy mule deer hunts on the Kaibab Plateau and the Arizona Strip.

Our expansive hardworking team of professional Arizona mule deer guides eats, sleeps, and breathes big Arizona mule deer bucks on the Kaibab Plateau and Arizona Strip. There are no other big game animals on the planet that are any harder to come by or are more sought after by serious trophy big game hunters all around the world than truly giant Mule Deer bucks.

arizona mule deer outfittersThe trophy mule deer buck of your dreams is alive and well on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau as we speak.

Most serious mule deer hunters dream about having just one opportunity in their lifetime to hunt the high scoring trophy mule deer bucks that call the Kaibab National Forest north of the Grand Canyon and the Arizona Strip home.

Arizona Strip Guides LLC and our hardworking team of professional Arizona mule deer guides will help you to make your Kaibab and Arizona Strip Trophy Mule Deer hunting dreams a reality this year.

Our dedicated team of Arizona trophy mule deer hunting professionals spends an enormous amount of time preseason scouting on the Kaibab and Arizona Strip and we are constantly seeking to expand our knowledge base and experience in these world famous trophy mule deer units. We are constantly working as hard as humanly possible to locate some of the highest scoring Kaibab and Arizona strip bucks possible for our Arizona mule deer clients. Several of our highly experienced professional Arizona Mule Deer Guides live in St. George, Utah – Fredonia, Arizona – and Page, Arizona which is right in the heart of the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau trophy mule deer country. Having these highly experienced professional Arizona mule deer guides on our team that were born and raised in this legendary mule deer country, and still currently reside full time on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau, allows us to continually scout and keep tabs on the trophy mule deer bucks in all of the Arizona Strip and Kaibab mule deer units year round.


The giant mule deer genetics of the Arizona Strip and Kaibab mule deer herds have produced, and will continue to produce, some of the largest mule deer bucks ever harvested in the world. The potential for harvesting a giant Boone and Crockett record book mule deer buck here is as high as it can get anywhere in the world.

arizona mule deer outfittersThe premium and highly sought after late season rifle tags for the Kaibab mule deer hunts or the Arizona Strip mule deer hunts are extremely difficult to draw but, the wait to draw a tag for these trophy mule deer hunts is very well worth it. We will gladly assist you in applying for these world class Arizona mule deer hunts every year.

These top Arizona mule deer units, combined with our year round hard work and intimate knowledge of these top mule deer producing areas, add up to a trophy Arizona mule deer hunting experience that is unparalleled. Being full time-year round Arizona mule deer outfitters allows us to scout and locate trophy Arizona mule deer bucks on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau year round for you. Being full time professional Arizona mule deer outfitters is how we make our year round living and provide for our families. Producing trophy Arizona mule deer bucks for our clients every single year is not our hobby, it’s serious business and our chosen way of life for us.

We are constantly scouting for giant mule deer bucks and working very hard all year round to be one of your first choices in professional Arizona mule deer outfitters and Arizona mule deer guides for the Arizona strip and Kaibab Plateau mule deer hunts.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss which particular hunts and units that you need to be applying for on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau. Arizona bonus points for mule deer can take years and even decades to build up and acquire so contact us today to make sure that you are applying for the trophy mule deer hunts and units that will make the absolute best use of your hard earned Arizona bonus points. Once you finally draw your Arizona Strip or Kaibab tag call or email us immediately to put together a plan to help you harvest your trophy mule deer buck of a lifetime.


arizona mule deer outfittersCentral Arizona Mule Deer Hunts:

Do you want to go on some exciting high quality trophy mule deer hunts this fall but don’t want to wait years and years, maybe even decades, to draw an Arizona mule deer tag? Don’t have any bonus points built up to have any hopes of ever drawing a mule deer tag for the Arizona Strip or the Kaibab Plateau? Have you perhaps reached the age in your life where you just might not have that many years left to wait to draw a tag to go on a world class trophy mule deer hunt? If you answered yes to any of these above questions then we have got the perfect answer and solution for you to go on a trophy mule deer hunt this year:

Book one of our high quality trophy mule deer hunts with us this fall in Central Arizona.

We have some trophy Arizona mule deer units that we are extremely familiar with in the central part of the state that offer hunters trophy mule deer bucks and much easier rifle tag drawing odds for non resident rifle mule deer hunters. These Central Arizona mule deer units also offer archers over the counter archery mule deer tags in either the velvet or in the peak of the rut. Many of our hard working highly experienced professional Arizona mule deer guides have literally been born and raised in these Central Arizona mule deer units and they are constantly scouting and locating the highest scoring mule deer bucks possible for all of our Central Arizona mule deer clients. Our many years of experience and intimate knowledge of these Central Arizona mule deer units allows us to produce some great mule deer bucks on these hunts every single year. Want to know what the best part is? You do not have to wait for years or even decades to hunt and enjoy these trophy mule deer hunts with us. Rifle Arizona mule deer hunters can apply for the October-November rifle mule deer seasons in Central Arizona and plan on drawing a tag very quickly. Archery mule deer hunters can purchase over the counter tags for the early August-September velvet season or the late December-January season when these trophy Central Arizona mule deer bucks are hard antlered and in the peak of the rut. If you are looking to harvest a trophy Arizona mule deer buck this year and don’t wait to wait forever to draw a tag, then our trophy mule deer hunts in Central Arizona are the perfect Arizona mule deer hunts hunt for you.

trophy archery mule deer outfittersArizona Desert Mule Deer Hunts:

The wily and elusive trophy mule deer bucks of the Southern Arizona desert offer the mule deer hunter a unique trophy hunt as several of the Arizona desert mule deer units have firearm mule deer hunts that take place right during the peak of the rut. Another attractive feature of these Arizona desert mule deer hunts is that the earlier season rifle mule deer tags can be drawn nearly every other year, even by non resident mule deer hunters. Many Arizona mule deer hunters overlook the desert regions of Arizona which allows for much better tag drawing odds and more trophy hunting opportunities for the non-resident mule deer hunter. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to plan trophy rifle mule deer hunts in Arizona nearly every single year and not have to worry about not drawing a tag for many years or even decades? The desert mule deer units in Arizona also offer the bowhunter the chance to hunt trophy Arizona mule deer bucks either in the velvet or the peak of the rut with over the counter tags and licenses. Another great feature that our over the counter archery mule deer hunts offer you is that you do not lose any of your Arizona bonus points when you harvest a buck. You can hunt and harvest a trophy mule deer buck every year with your bow in the Arizona desert and be building your bonus points at the same time. Our over the counter archery mule deer hunts in the Arizona desert do not affect your bonus points whatsoever and are a great hunt to extend your hunting season when not much else is going on.

The trophy mule deer buck potential is excellent in the Arizona desert country. The serious trophy mule deer hunter has a very good opportunity of drawing a rifle tag, experiencing an exciting hunt, and harvesting a trophy Arizona mule deer buck. Yavapai Outfitters LLC and our team of highly experienced professional Arizona mule deer guides does a very intensive amount of scouting in these Arizona desert mule deer units and will leave no stone left unturned for your trophy Arizona desert mule deer hunts.

trophy archery mule deer outfitters
 We have 2 different hunting options available if you are a bowhunter that is looking for premium quality trophy archery mule deer hunts in the great state of Arizona.
 Option 1: is to apply for the limited entry archery mule deer hunts that are available on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau. These Arizona Strip and Kaibab archery mule deer hunts take place in late August through early September when most of the Kaibab and Arizona strip bucks are in bachelor groups and still in the velvet.

The Arizona Strip and the Kaibab Plateau are world famous amongst trophy mule deer hunters for producing some of the largest mule deer bucks ever taken worldwide. These Arizona Strip and Kaibab archery mule deer hunts give the archer one of the finest opportunities in the world of harvesting a truly giant world class mule deer buck. The Kaibab archery deer tags can be drawn very easily and you won’t have to wait years to chase giant mule deer bucks in the velvet with your bow. The Arizona Strip archery mule deer tags are much tougher to draw, but, once you finally draw one of them you are going to be the very proud owner of what could very well be the finest archery hunt tag for trophy mule deer on the planet.
Option 2: is to purchase an over the counter archery mule deer tag for the southern desert and central Arizona archery mule deer hunts. That’s right, we said OVER THE COUNTER TROPHY MULE DEER TAGS. The early season Arizona archery mule deer hunts take place from mid August through early September when most of the Arizona mule deer bucks are still in the velvet while the late season archery mule deer hunts run from mid December through January when the Arizona mule deer bucks are hard antlered and are in the peak of the rut.
trophy archery mule deer outfitters Bowhunters who choose to experience these trophy Archery mule deer hunts will be pursuing hard rutting trophy mule deer bucks that are chasing does or bachelor groups of trophy velvet mule deer bucks that are running together. You can count on experiencing plenty of exciting trophy mule deer hunting action on either one of our Arizona archery mule deer hunts with over the counter tags. Best of all, you can purchase one of these over the counter Arizona archery mule deer tags every single year and not lose any of your bonus points that you may have been building up for many years.
If you are unsuccessful in the Arizona rifle mule deer draw you can still make plans to hunt trophy Arizona mule deer bucks with us every single year and keep all of your Arizona mule deer bonus points intact.
 Sound good to you?
 Another great feature of these over the counter Arizona archery mule deer tags is that they can easily be made into combo hunts to include trophy color phase Black Bear, archery Javelina, Merriams Turkey, and trophy mountain lion as well.
Black Bear and archery turkey tags are available for easy purchase over the counter and archery Javelina tags are very easily drawn. Leftover archery Javelina tags can also be purchased over the counter after the draw has taken place just in case you forgot to apply for your archery javelina tag. We also have a top notch pack of dry ground lion hounds and can add the thrilling and exciting adventure of a trophy mountain lion hunt to any of your late season archery mule deer hunts in the rut. You have the very unique opportunity of harvesting multiple world class big game trophies on just one over the counter Archery mule deer hunt with us in Arizona.
Our entire team of professional Arizona mule deer guides is totally committed to the highest standards of ethics, quality, and strives daily to be one of your first choices for professional Arizona mule deer outfitters and Arizona mule deer guides for all of the trophy mule deer hunts that are available across the entire state of Arizona.
Contact us at any time for more details and more information on our trophy Arizona Mule Deer hunts.


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