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Look no further than Yavapai Outfitters LLC and our Mexico Desert Sheep Outfitting Partners if you need a Desert Bighorn sheep to finish your Grand Slam or if you simply wish to hunt one of the rarest and finest trophy Big Game animals in the world


A Desert Bighorn Sheep is one of the rarest, most sought after, and most difficult to obtain trophy Big Game species on the planet. Many big game hunters around the world will wait a lifetime for a single opportunity to hunt these magnificent desert sheep and most desert bighorn sheep hunts can truly be considered “once in a lifetime” big game hunts. With this in mind we strive for perfection on these extremely rare and special big game hunts and strive to be one of the finest choices available for Desert Bighorn Sheep outfitters on what could be your once in a lifetime Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt.

Desert Bighorn Sheep Outfitters, Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Outfitters

We have 2 different hunting options for Desert Bighorn Sheep hunts. Option 1 is to apply for the limited entry desert bighorn sheep tags in the state of Arizona.

These Arizona desert sheep tags are extremely difficult to draw but Arizona is a must apply for state for any serious desert bighorn sheep hunter. We have a tremendous amount of experience in Arizona’s top desert bighorn sheep units and your desert bighorn sheep hunt with us will be a world class experience from start to finish. Our Arizona desert sheep guides that we employ on these special once in a lifetime big game hunts are the absolute best in the business. They eat, sleep, and breathe desert bighorn sheep hunting and will make sure that no stone gets left unturned in preparation for your desert bighorn sheep hunt in Arizona. Our Arizona desert sheep guides that we employ live right in the heart of Arizona’s best desert sheep units and have a lifetime of experience hunting this country. Living so close to these premier Arizona desert sheep units allows our hard working and highly dedicated desert sheep guides to spend enormous amounts of time preseason scouting in your unit and locate the highest scoring desert rams possible for your hunt.

Arizona consistently produces a higher volume of high scoring desert bighorn rams than any other desert sheep hunting area in the world. The state of Arizona has done a remarkable job managing their desert bighorn sheep herds and it shows annually in the high Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young scores of the desert bighorn sheep that are harvested in Arizona yearly. Arizona also offers the non resident desert sheep hunter the greatest opportunity of actually drawing a once in a lifetime desert bighorn sheep tag. That being said, these Arizona desert bighorn sheep tags are still extremely difficult to draw but Arizona gives the non resident desert sheep hunter the best odds of actually getting one of these extremely rare tags, The Arizona desert sheep application process starts in late April-early May and we would be glad to personally discuss the best desert bighorn sheep units and application options with you. Arizona has some desert sheep units that are not quite as well known for giant ram quality but they do offer hunters a few more tags and slightly better tag drawing opportunities for non resident desert bighorn sheep hunters. Arizona also has desert sheep units with very few tags but have tremendous trophy desert bighorn sheep potential with rams in the 170’s and 180’s being very possible. These super premium Arizona desert sheep units are the most difficult sheep units to draw in the state but they will offer you the chance to hunt some truly giant desert bighorn sheep if you are lucky enough to obtain of these hard to get tags. Call or email us at anytime to discuss the top Arizona desert bighorn sheep unit recommendations and for assistance on your Arizona desert sheep applications this year.

Desert Bighorn Sheep Outfitters and guides

Our second desert sheep hunting option would be one of our Mexico desert bighorn sheep hunts with one of our premium free range Desert sheep hunting outfitters that we partner with in Sonora Mexico.

If waiting the many years (possibly up to 40 years) that it may take to draw an Arizona Desert bighorn sheep tag is not an option, we can set you up on a world class free range Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt with a guaranteed landowner tag in Mexico this year.

All you have to do is call or email us whenever you are ready to come down and hunt these magnificent Big Game animals in Sonora Mexico. Our Sonora Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep hunts are for free ranging Desert Bighorn rams with guaranteed Landowner tags and licenses. Booking one of our Sonora Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep hunts with us this year totally eliminates all of the frustrating years or even decades of waiting to draw an Arizona desert bighorn sheep tag.



Contact us at any time for more details and more information on these special Arizona and Sonora Mexico Desert Bighorn sheep hunts.



Yavapai Outfitters LLC has recently joined forces with some of the finest Big Game Hunting Outfitters in the state of Arizona to form two new professional Big Game outfitting companies: Arizona Strip Guides LLC and Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC. Log on to and for more pictures and information on our two new Arizona Big Game Outfitting companies.