30 inch Mexico Mule Deer

mexico mule deer outfitters30 INCH MEXICO MULE DEER

It was now after dark on the very first day of our Mexico Mule Deer hunt and our conversation drifted back to the buck we had passed up that morning.

The buck was only a 3 by 4 but had good length on all his tines and an outside spread that we estimated at around 27 inches, we didn’t quite think that he would be a 30 inch Mexico mule deer. His 4 point antler on his right side looked like it might go close to 190 inches typical if doubled. However, it was only 5 minutes into the hunt and we were still in sight of the ranch house. We hadn’t gone hardly anywhere and this was the first group of mule deer that we had seen. I didn’t want to end the hunt this early without  having covered hardly any of the ranch. With the rut in full swing who knows what kind of trophy mule deer buck might be further down the road so we let him go and kept hunting.

We spotted over 60 mule deer the rest of that day and saw several good mature bucks. One buck in particular had an extremely wide and heavy frame that we estimated to be over 34 inches wide. This buck offered us a very brief opportunity through some thick ocotillos then vanished quickly into the heavy undergrowth. Par for the course when hunting giant mule deer bucks in Mexico. They always seem to be just one hop away from the nastiest cover around and vanish like ghosts in the blink of an eye.

We returned to the ranch house late in the evening and heard the upcoming weather report. It was supposed to rain non stop for the next 7 days along with winds of over 40 miles an hour. Just the kind of weather to effectively ruin this Mexico mule deer hunt. The nasty weather was supposed to come in the next evening so we all came to the conclusion that we needed to capitalize quickly on the next trophy mule deer buck that we spotted.

We headed out early the next morning with high hopes and again saw over 50 different mule deer throughout the day. With the sun going down we headed back to ranch house and lo and behold there he was. The big 3 by 4 had left his does and was with a couple of smaller bucks in almost the exact same spot that we had seen him the day before. My hunter got set up and made a great shot that hammered the Mexico mule deer buck right down in his tracks. Walking up to the buck we got the pleasant surprise of experiencing ground shrinkage in reverse. The buck was much better than we originally thought and we got him just in the nick of time before the bad weather set in. The buck had managed to break off about 8 inches of his right main beam sometime during the night but still managed to score 182 B&C as a 3 by 4. His intact right antler doubled would go right at 200 B&C typical and his outside spread ended up being exactly 30 inches wide. A true trophy mule deer buck in anyone’s book.



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