Archery Big Game hunting out West

unit 9 arizona elk guidesARCHERY BIG GAME HUNTING OUT WEST

You want me to practice out to how far? Out to 70 yards with a bow? Are you serious? I don’t even have sight pins on my bow that go out to 70 yards. We don’t even have an Archery range around here that will go out that far.

These are the kind of replies that we sometimes receive when talking to clients about what kind of shots to expect while archery hunting trophy big game animals with us out west. The open country that we have out here can be quite a rude shock to bowhunters that haven’t archery hunted in the state of Arizona or the western states before. 50 and 60 yard shots are the norm in a lot of the big game hunting country out here and shots at animals that are under 20 yards can be very rare. Being totally confident in your ability to accurately shoot out to 70 yards with your bow will stack the odds in your favor by leaps and bounds on your next western archery Big Game hunts.

Now I know that 70 yard shots with archery equipment may sound very iffy to a lot of archery big game hunters that are reading this post. But, we can readily assure you that these longer range archery shots are easily possible with a lot of practice and by taking advantage of todays’ incredible high tech archery equipment. We have personally witnessed numerous archery clients coming in to our big game hunting camps and shooting tighter groups at 90 and 100 yards than a lot of bowhunters can at 30 yards.

arizona elk guides15 to 20 years ago we can all remember having to pull a least 80 pounds and have at least a 30 inch draw length to get any kind of decent arrow speed out of a compound bow. With today’s ultra efficient and accurate designs, most all compound bows that are available today are easily capable of producing speeds of well over 300 fps with shorter draw lengths and draw weights of under 60 pounds. This means being able to take much longer, much more accurate shots for us bowhunters without having to draw back a tremendous amount of draw weight on our bows.

Of course, just because the bow can make those kind of shots doesn’t mean that you can. You owe it out of respect to the trophy big game animals that you are hunting to be absolutely confident in your abilities at that range before even thinking about taking that far of a shot at a trophy big game animal with archery equipment.

Example: The human body is very capable of doing some absolutely incredible feats. Some guys out there can bench press 900 pounds and squat over 1,000 pounds but I damn sure can’t, so why even try it? The results would be disastrous. Do you know how these guys got to these incredible levels of strength? By constant training and dedicated year round practice. The same thing applies to archery or anything else that you want to excel at for that matter.

Only with serious practice and intense training could you get up to that level with your archery equipment. This same logic has to apply to each and every shot that you take at any trophy big game animal with your archery equipment. You have to absolutely know that you can make that long range shot or you will have really bad results. But, with lots of practice and by utilizing all of todays extremely high tech and ultra efficient archery equipment, longer range shots with your compound bow can be easily accomplished. See you in one of our archery big game hunting camps this year……



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