Arizona Hunt Unit 10

arizona elk huntingARIZONA HUNT UNIT 10

Big Game species found in Arizona Hunt Unit 10:

  • Antelope
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Black Bear
  • Elk
  • Javelina
  • Merriam’s Turkey
  • Mountain Lion
  • Mule Deer
  • Coues Whitetail Deer


Arizona Unit 10 Big Game Hunts

Arizona Unit 10 Elk: Unit 10 is one of, if not the best, premier trophy elk units in the entire state of Arizona. Unit 10 consistently produces both Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young record book bull elk every single year and usually cranks out at least one or more giant 400 inch bulls every single year as well. If you are looking to harvest a world class trophy bull elk this year, Arizona unit 10 is the place where it definitely can happen for you. We feel that a trophy elk hunters best opportunity to harvest a trophy unit 10 bull elk would come by applying for and drawing either the early unit 10 archery bull elk hunts in the rut or the unit 10 early rifle bull elk hunts in the rut. The elk are in the full rut during both of these 2 hunts and this time period is when the biggest bulls in unit 10 are going to be the most visible for hunters. These early season bull elk hunts in the rut in Unit 10 are by far the best time period to focus on trying to harvest a world class trophy Arizona bull elk. Interested Arizona bull elk hunters can also apply for one of the late season elk hunts that are available yearly in Arizona Hunt Unit 10.  The late season rifle elk hunts and late season archery bull elk hunts in unit 10 are very difficult hunts and you do not have as high potential for trophy Arizona bull elk as the early hunts. But, you still have the possible chance of harvesting a great bull elk on these late season elk hunts in unit 10. The late season elk hunts in unit 10 also offer the non resident elk hunter much better tag drawing odds. Unit 10 is a very huntable Arizona elk unit due to the fact that this unit is interspersed with a lot of rolling hills, broken ridge country, and lots of knobs that make excellent glassing points from which to scout and hunt trophy elk from. Arizona’s Unit 10 also has plenty of flat, jungle thick juniper country that provides the elk that live in this unit with an ocean of thick cover in which to hide and grow to record breaking size in. Unit 10 has all the right ingredients for growing giant bull elk every year and should be very high on your list of the best Arizona elk hunting units to apply for elk in.

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Arizona Unit 10 Antelope: Unit 10 is also one of the premier trophy Antelope units in the state of Arizona. Arizona Unit 10 Antelope tags are extremely difficult to draw but the few lucky hunters who obtain a Unit 10 antelope tag are going to experience a trophy antelope hunt with Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young bucks being a very real possibility. The quality of the antelope that are found in Unit 10 has gone down slightly from what it used to be but, with some hard work and lots of preseason scouting, the dedicated Arizona antelope hunter definitely has the chance to harvest the giant antelope buck of a lifetime. Unit 10 has miles and miles of textbook wide open antelope country but don’t forget to look in the thicker wooded areas of Unit 10 for trophy antelope as well. There are some huge antelope living in the juniper country with all of the elk that are also found in Arizona Unit 10.  If a trophy Arizona antelope is high on your list you can’t go wrong by applying for an Arizona Unit 10 Antelope tag.

Arizona Unit 10 Mule Deer: Unit 10 is home to some very large trophy mule deer bucks but mule deer numbers in Unit 10 are very low and trophy mule deer bucks are very few and far between. The mule deer population in unit 10 has been on a steady decline and a unit 10 mule deer hunt can be an extremely difficult proposition to say the least. Look elsewhere if you would like to experience much higher quality Arizona Mule Deer Hunting.

Arizona Unit 10 Desert Bighorn Sheep: A unit 10 desert bighorn sheep hunt is one of the most difficult big game hunts in the entire state of Arizona. The desert bighorn sheep hunt in Unit 10 is extremely difficult both physically and mentally. The one upside to this desert sheep hunt is that some very big desert rams that are virtually unhunted can be found here and you have a hunting season that is an entire 3 months long. You won’t see any other desert sheep hunters either due to only one desert sheep tag being issued in unit 10 and you will have the whole place to yourself. If you are up for an extreme hunting challenge, not afraid of heights, and are prepared for some extremely difficult hunting for some big desert rams, you might want to think about applying for a unit 10 desert sheep tag.

Arizona Unit 10 Turkey: Unit 10 holds a small population of Merriams turkeys. Turkeys are not scattered across this unit but with some pre-season scouting, turkey hunters can have a successful hunt in unit 10. If you are looking for lots of turkeys though, stay away from unit 10 and concentrate your Arizona turkey hunting efforts elsewhere.

Arizona Unit 10 Mountain Lion: Unit 10 has a good population of mountain lions and is a great place to do some Arizona Mountain Lion Hunting. Although interested mountain lion hunters are going to experience the highest success on lions by contracting the services of a quality houndsman, mountain lions are harvested in unit 10 yearly by big game hunters while pursuing other big game species. Arizona mountain lion tags are available over the counter and it is always a good idea to have one in your pocket just in case you see a mountain lion while hunting the other big game species that are available to hunt in Arizona unit 10.

Arizona Unit 10 Black Bear: Unit 10 has black bears but numbers are very low and bears can be very difficult to find. Look elsewhere if you want to experience high quality Arizona Black Bear Hunting.

Arizona Unit 10 Javelina: The Javelina population is growing  in unit 10 and hunters are seeing an increase in pigs yearly. Numbers are still limited compared to other units but sportsmen can have a successful Javelina hunt in unit 10 with some pre season scouting.

Arizona Unit 10 Coues Whitetail Deer: Unit 10 does have Coues Deer but they are very rare in this unit. Hunt elsewhere in the state for a high quality Arizona Coues Deer hunt.

Guides and Outfitters for Arizona Unit 10: Yavapai Outfitters LLC has many years of highly successful trophy big game guiding and outfitting experience in Arizona Unit 10. We have been located only 20 minutes away from Arizona Unit 10 since 1985 and we have a very long and distinguished track record of continually producing some of the highest scoring trophy big game animals to have ever come out of Unit 10. Unit 10 is one of the trophy elk units that we highly specialize in and our team of trophy big game hunting professionals will help you to fully maximize the trophy elk potential that your Arizona Unit 10 elk tag offers you. Yavapai Outfitters LLC and our team of trophy big game hunting professionals is one of your top choices for Unit 10 Arizona big game hunting outfitters and Unit 10 Arizona hunting guides. We know Arizona Unit 10 inside and out for all the trophy big game species that reside and are available to hunt in this unit. Yavapai Outfitters will help you to fully maximize the incredible trophy potential that your Arizona unit 10 big game hunting tag offers you.

Contact us right away if you drew an Arizona Unit 10 hunt tag this year.


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