Arizona Hunt Unit 12 A East

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Big Game species found in Arizona Hunt Unit 12A East:

  • Mule Deer
  • Merriam’s Turkey
  • Mountain Lion

Unit 12A East Big Game Hunts

Unit 12A East Mule Deer Hunting: Kaibab Unit 12 A East, or the east side of the world famous Kaibab Plateau, can be home to some of the best trophy mule deer hunting in the entire state of Arizona on the right year and conditions.

Trophy mule deer hunters that are lucky enough to draw a late rifle season east side Kaibab tag will enjoy a trophy quality mule deer hunt in the rut with Boone and Crockett mule deer buck potential being possible on this hunt. The premium late season rifle rut hunts in Unit 12 A East is where Kaibab mule deer hunters will experience the highest chances of success of tagging high scoring Kaibab mule deer bucks. Although many record book mule deer bucks have also been harvested in Kaibab Unit 12A east on both the early rifle mule deer hunts and the early season archery mule deer hunts, the late season rifle mule deer hunts in the rut are definitely the only mule deer hunts that you need to be applying for to have the best opportunity for success on a trophy mule deer buck in Unit 12A east on the Kaibab Plateau.

Arizona Mule Deer Outfitters, Arizona Mule Deer Guides, Arizona Strip Outfitters, Arizona Kaibab Outfitters, Arizona Deer Outfitters, Kaibab OutfittersUnit 12 A East on the world famous Kaibab Plateau can be much more difficult to hunt and is generally much less accessible by roads than Unit 12 A West. There is quite a bit of trophy mule deer country that does lend itself to glassing and spot and stalk mule deer hunting but, a lot of the country that most of the trophy mule deer bucks inhabit in unit 12 A East is very rough, thickly vegetated, wilderness type country that can make hunting and locating these giant kaibab mule deer bucks very tough.

Hiking to high points and glassing the lower elevation mule deer country in unit 12A east with tripod mounted optics will produce the best results during the late season rifle mule deer hunts in the rut in kaibab unit 12a east. On the early season rifle and Kaibab archery deer hunts a hunter needs to focus their efforts on hunting the higher elevation forested country of Kaibab unit 12A east. The summer heat tends to concentrate most of the trophy mule deer bucks that live in Unit 12A east near water sources. Find a water source that is littered with tracks and be patient. You never know what kind of giant mule deer buck might come in on the east side of the Kaibab. These early season hunts can be extremely difficult hunts though and we do not recommend that hunters apply for these hunts as there are much better mule deer hunting options in Arizona. If hunting trophy mule deer bucks on the Kaibab Plateau is your goal you will do well to consider applying for the late season rifle Kaibab Unit 12A East Mule Deer tags in the rut.

Unit 12A East Turkey: Unit 12 A East holds a great population of Merriams turkeys and provides hunters a high quality turkey hunt. The Kaibab is home to one of the premier populations of Merriams turkeys found in Arizona. Whether its the spring, fall, or archery seasons, turkey hunters will enjoy a high quality Merriams turkey hunting experience on the Kaibab Plateau.

kaibab deer guidesUnit 12A East Mountain Lion: The east side of the Kaibab has a very good population of mountain lions and is a great place to experience some trophy Arizona Mountain Lion Hunting. Although mountain lion hunters will experience the highest chances of success on mountains lions by using the services of a quality houndsman, mountain lions are harvested annually in unit 12 A East by big game hunters that are pursuing other species such as trophy Kaibab mule deer. Arizona mountain lion tags are available over the counter and it is a good idea to have one in your pocket just in case you see a mountain lion while hunting trophy mule deer in Kaibab unit 12A East.

Guides and Outfitters for Arizona Hunt Unit 12A East : Yavapai Outfitters LLC and McClendons Guide Service are very excited to announce the formation of our new Arizona mule deer outfitting company, Arizona Strip Guides LLC. Arizona Strip Guides LLC was formed by Travis McClendon and David Pereda to provide serious trophy mule deer hunters with premium quality professional guide and outfitter services for all of the trophy mule deer hunts that are available on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau. Combining forces and creating the Arizona Strip Guides Team allows us to pool together our extensive years of experience and tremendous amount of resources to offer you one of the “Best of the Best” professional guide services for all of the trophy mule deer hunts that are available on the Kaibab Plateau and Arizona Strip. We are your one of your top choices in professional Arizona mule deer outfitters and Arizona mule deer guides. A Kaibab late rifle season Unit 12A East mule deer tag can be a once in a lifetime trophy mule deer hunt and contracting the services of a world class quality Kaibab outfitter will greatly enhance and maximize the potential of your trophy east side Kaibab mule deer hunts. We are very experienced in Kaibab unit 12 A East and can provide you with one of the finest Kaibab Mule Deer Hunting experiences available anywhere.

Contact us right away if you were fortunate enough to draw a highly coveted unit 12A East Kaibab mule deer tag.



Yavapai Outfitters LLC has recently joined forces with some of the finest Big Game Hunting Outfitters in the state of Arizona to form two new professional Big Game outfitting companies: Arizona Strip Guides LLC and Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC. Log on to and for more pictures and information on our two new Arizona Big Game Outfitting companies.