Arizona Hunt Unit 13 B

the best guides for the arizona stripARIZONA HUNT UNIT 13B

Big Game species found in Arizona Hunt Unit 13B:

  • Mule Deer
  • Antelope
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Merriam’s Turkey
  • Mountain Lion
  • Feral Pigs

Unit 13 B Big Game Hunts

arizona strip unit 13b guidesUnit 13B Mule Deer Hunting: Unit 13 B, also known as the world famous Arizona Strip, is home to some of the largest antlered highest scoring mule deer bucks in the world and is widely considered by many serious mule deer hunters to be the finest trophy mule deer hunt on the planet. Unit 13 B is trophy Arizona Mule Deer hunting at its absolute highest trophy quality. The mule deer population in unit 13 B is managed under very strict alternative management guidelines by the Arizona Game and Fish Department that focus on the harvest of older age class, mature mule deer bucks only. Mule deer populations in unit 13B are very widely scattered throughout this vast unit and exist in very low densities throughout all of the habitat types that are found in unit 13B. Unit 13 B can be a very difficult unit to hunt due to the mule deer numbers being so low and the unit itself being so incredibly large and remote. Many great looking habitat areas in unit 13B can be completely devoid of any mule deer whatsoever. Mule deer hunters that draw tags in Unit 13B can easily drive hundreds if not thousands of miles of rough dirt roads going from spot to spot in search of the giant mule deer bucks that have made the Arizona Strip so famous. Arizona Strip Unit 13B hunters must be prepared to possibly spend many days out hunting in the field without a single mule deer being spotted, much less any of the giant Arizona strip bucks that call Unit 13B home. It pays to stay very focused and mentally tough however as the last few days of the unit 13B Arizona Strip mule deer hunt can bring the best hunting action with highly increased mule deer activity due to the oncoming rut. The extremely primitive remoteness and immense size of Arizona Strip unit 13B can be extremely overwhelming to hunters to say the very least. Arizona strip mule deer hunters must prepare wisely and bring plenty of extra fuel and supplies because the nearest available services can be over 100 miles away on rough dirt roads while hunting trophy mule deer on the Arizona Strip in unit 13 B. The demand for unit 13 B mule deer tags is very high for both the archery and rifle hunts making the odds of obtaining a tag here extremely difficult. Don’t lose hope in applying here though because eventually you will get drawn for an Arizona Strip Unit 13B tag and you will be the proud owner of one of the greatest trophy mule deer tags in the world.

Unit 13 B Antelope Hunting: Unit 13 B is also a trophy Antelope unit. Unit 13 B has had several transplants of antelope to help stimulate and increase the current Antelope population and improve hunting opportunities for sportsmen. Some quality antelope bucks have been harvested in unit 13 B and this unit currently holds the Boone and Crockett world record antelope. With that being said though, we do not highly recommend applying for a unit 13B antelope tag due to the low numbers of antelope in Unit 13B and the remoteness of the country in which they are located in.

Unit 13B Desert Bighorn Sheep: The desert sheep hunts in unit 13 B are split into 2 different areas of the unit. The North end and the South end. The north end of unit 13 B is a very high quality desert sheep hunt boasting good numbers of sheep and record book quality desert bighorn rams. Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunters who are looking for a quality desert sheep hunting experience should highly consider applying for a unit 13 B North desert bighorn sheep tag. The south end of unit 13 B is an extremely remote and difficult desert sheep hunting area. Currently, only one ram has been harvested during the last several years of this hunt and scored 155. Hunters thinking about applying for the unit 13 B South hunt need to be prepared for a very strenuous and difficult pack in desert bighorn sheep hunt with very low numbers of sheep.

Unit 13 B Turkey: Unit 13 B holds a small population of Merriams turkeys in the southern end of the unit with very limited tags being offered to hunt them. Look elsewhere for a quality turkey hunt.

Unit 13 B Feral Pig Hunting: In recent years feral pig numbers have started to increase in unit 13 B. Little is still known about the numbers and behavior of these animals but you are strongly encouraged to attempt to harvest a feral pig in 13 B should you see one. No hunting license is required to hunt these animals as this population is not managed by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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