Arizona Hunt Unit 13 A

trophy mule deer huntsARIZONA HUNT UNIT 13 A


Big Game species found in Arizona Hunt Unit 13A:

  • Mule Deer
  • Antelope
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Merriam’s Turkey
  • Mountain Lion


Unit 13 A Big Game Hunting

Unit 13A Mule Deer Hunting: Arizona’s Hunt Unit 13 A, more commonly referred to by trophy mule deer hunters as the world famous Arizona Strip, is home to some of the largest antlered highest scoring mule deer bucks in the world and is one of the most sought after trophy mule deer tags in the entire state of Arizona. The mule deer population and mule deer density in Arizona Strip unit 13A is very low but the record book trophy quality of the giant mule deer bucks that inhabit this world famous Arizona Strip mule deer hunting area is very high.

arizona unit 13a mule deer guidesThe enormous area that is the Arizona Strip is not overflowing with mule deer and the trophy mule deer hunters who are not familiar with Arizona Strip unit 13A can be very disappointed after a very long and unsuccessful mule deer hunt here. It is pretty easy to be overwhelmed by Arizona Strip unit 13A and its absolutely immense size when you are trying to scout and learn this trophy mule deer unit. The trophy mule deer hunters that draw Unit 13A mule deer tags can have a very difficult and frustrating time trying to locate any mule deer at all much less any numbers of giant Arizona strip bucks with antlers of record book proportions growing out of their head. The term “needle in a haystack” can apply very nicely to the mule deer hunting that you will experience in Arizona Strip Unit 13A. Although you may not get to see a whole lot of mule deer bucks while hunting this area of the Arizona Strip, when you do finally see a buck here, chances are it might be that giant non typical record book mule deer buck that you have been dreaming about your entire life.

Arizona Strip Unit 13A can be very tough deer mule deer hunting but the rewards that it can bestow upon you in the form of giant Arizona strip mule deer bucks can be incredible. A hunt in Arizona Strip Unit 13 A can be Arizona mule deer hunting at its best and at its toughest all at the same time. Many all time Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young record book mule deer bucks have come out of the Arizona Strip and many more giant mule deer will continue to come out of this incredible Arizona mule deer hunting area for many years to come. There are currently two different mule deer hunts that are available to trophy mule deer hunters that are interested in hunting Unit 13A. The first trophy mule deer hunt that is offered in Arizona Strip Unit 13A is the early velvet season Archery mule deer hunt that takes place in late August through early September. If you are a bowhunter that would like to harvest a Pope and Young class record book mule deer, Unit 13A is definitely a unit that offers you the chance to harvest a world class archery mule deer buck. The other trophy mule deer hunt that is offered annually in Arizona Strip Unit 13A is the rifle mule deer hunt that takes place in mid November. If you have maximum bonus points and would like to hunt some of the largest trophy mule deer bucks that are currently roaming the state of Arizona, the rifle mule deer hunt that is offered in Unit 13A is definitely a trophy mule deer hunt to keep in mind when you are applying for your Arizona rifle mule deer hunts this year.

unit 13a arizona strip guides Unit 13A Antelope Hunting: Unit 13 A is also an Antelope unit. Unit 13 A has had transplants of antelope dating back to the 1960’s to help stimulate and increase antelope numbers and to improve antelope hunting opportunities for sportsman.

Unit 13A Desert Bighorn Sheep hunting:  Unit 13 A can be a remote and difficult sheep hunting area with a lot of the best sheep areas being wilderness foot access only areas. Hunters thinking about applying for the unit 13 A sheep hunt need to be prepared for what can be a very strenuous and very difficult Arizona desert sheep hunt with very low numbers of sheep and very few services available nearby.

Unit 13A Turkey hunting: Unit 13 A holds a very small population of Merriams turkeys with very limited tags being offered to hunt them. Look elsewhere for a quality Merriams turkey hunt in Arizona.

Guides and Outfitters for Arizona Hunt Unit 13A: Yavapai Outfitters LLC and McClendons Guide Service are very excited to announce the formation of our new Arizona mule deer outfitting company, Arizona Strip Guides LLC. Arizona Strip Guides LLC was formed by Travis McClendon and David Pereda to provide serious trophy mule deer hunters with premium quality professional guide and outfitter services for all of the trophy mule deer hunts that are available on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau. Combining forces and creating the Arizona Strip Guides Team allows us to pool together our extensive years of experience and tremendous amount of resources to offer you one of the “Best of the Best” professional guide and outfitter services for all of the trophy mule deer hunts on the Kaibab and Arizona Strip. We are one of your top choices in professional Arizona mule deer outfitters and Arizona mule deer guides. Unit 13A on the Arizona Strip can be an extremely difficult Arizona mule deer unit to hunt and learn. Acquiring the services of a top quality professional Arizona Strip mule deer outfitter will greatly enhance your trophy mule deer hunting experience on the Arizona Strip. We are very experienced in Arizona Strip unit 13A and will provide you with a world class Arizona Strip Mule Deer Hunting experience.

Contact us right away if you were fortunate enough to draw an Arizona Strip unit 13A mule deer tag.