Preparing for a Guided Western Big Game Hunt


You have just found out that you have finally drawn that western Big Game tag of a lifetime that you have been faithfully applying for since what seems like forever ago. You are on cloud nine about your upcoming premium western Big Game hunt and, after a little bragging and some celebratory phone calls and emails to your hunting buddies, the rush starts to contact quality big game hunting outfitters who may be able to guide you on your long awaited western big game hunt.

After all of the phone calls, emails, picture viewing, reference checking, etc., etc., you get your outfitter narrowed down and you send in your deposit for your guided western big game hunt. Great, since I have just hired the best outfitter in the business all I have to do now is just wait for opening day to arrive and head out on my western trophy hunt.


After securing an outfitters’ services YOUR work really needs to begin to start preparing for your guided western big game hunt.

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The number one reason (by far) that we see every single hunting season when hunters fail to harvest big game on a guided hunt with us is because they are in extremely poor shape physically.

There is absolutely no way that something is going to die if you can’t hike over there and get within shooting range to harvest that animal. The big game animal might die of fright or might die of a heart attack but he will certainly be quite safe from you if you are too out of shape to get within effective shooting range of him.

Many times a trophy big game animal will be spotted right before dark on the last day of a tough hunt and a fast and furious hike over extremely rough terrain is necessary to have any chance of getting within shooting range of the trophy big game animal before darkness sets in. If you can’t make it there in time because you are out of shape what could have been the trophy big game animal of a lifetime for you is now gone forever. Wouldn’t it be great to have the confidence in knowing that you trained hard physically for your hunt and this hike would have been be a piece of cake?

There is little to no excuse for being in poor physical condition. Don’t waste your outfitters’ time, your own time, or any of your hard earned money by going on a very expensive fully guided and outfitted trophy hunt and not being in the proper physical shape to be able to get it done. Get in the gym or get out hiking in the field and get in shape NOW.

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The second biggest reason that we see every single hunting season for failure to harvest big game on western hunts is hunters not being prepared for long range shots. Long range shots in the west are just that. They can be really, really, LONG RANGE SHOTS.

On guided trophy big game hunts in the wide open country of the Western U.S. and Arizona you may be presented with a situation where the trophy buck or trophy bull of a lifetime is bedded down over 600 yards away from you right before dark on the very last day of a hunt that took you many years to draw a tag for and just cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to go on.

Can you confidently make this shot?


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to confidently say yes and cleanly harvest this trophy big animal with one perfectly placed lethal shot?

Being proficient and confident with your weapon at extremely long ranges by practicing frequently in actual hunting and field situations drastically increases your chances of success on your guided western big game hunts. You may only get one single shooting opportunity at a trophy big game animal during your western trophy hunt so you need be ready for any kind of shot that may arise. You MUST be able to capitalize on the shooting opportunity because it might be the only one that you get during the entire course of your trophy hunt. Just because you bought a brand new fancy ultra long range gun and high powered scope doesn’t mean that you can just go out and start making extremely long distance shots on trophy big game animals. Your gun is capable of doing it but it doesn’t mean that the hunter is capable of making those long range shots. Make it a serious goal of yours to try to completely wear out the barrel of your rifle this year. Practice as often as you can at the longest ranges possible and under a wide variety of shooting positions that you may possibly encounter in the field while on your trophy big game hunts this year. Don’t limit your practice sessions to only shooting off of the bench.

You can’t control Big Game movements and you can’t control the weather but you do have absolute and final control over what choices you make in preparation for what may be a once in a lifetime guided western big game hunt. As hard as premium hunt tags are to come by these days, why risk failure by not doing everything possible to be in shape and being ready for long range shots? Get to the gun range and the gym and get after it. You’ll be thankful you did and so will your outfitter come hunting season, we guarantee it.



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