Arizona Hunt Unit 8

arizona elkARIZONA HUNT UNIT 8

Big Game species found in Arizona Hunt Unit 8

  • Antelope
  • Black Bear
  • Elk
  • Javelina
  • Merriam’s Turkey
  • Mountain Lion
  • Mule Deer
  • Coues Whitetail Deer


Arizona Unit 8 Big Game Hunts

Arizona Unit 8 Elk: Unit 8 in Arizona is home to a very good elk population and offers Arizona elk hunters the opportunity to harvest either a Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett record book trophy bull elk. On average, Unit 8 does not annually produce as many record book bull elk as Unit 9 or Unit 10 but, it has and will continue to produce giant bulls for the Arizona elk hunters who are lucky enough to draw one of the coveted trophy elk tags in Arizona unit 8.

arizona elkOne of the largest non typical Arizona bull elk that we have ever produced scored 425″ Boone & Crockett and was taken in Unit 8 during the 2002 late season rifle elk hunts. 2002 was the worst one of the worst drought years in Arizona history and we estimate that this giant Unit 8 bull elk would have been in the 450 Boone & Crockett range on a good moisture year. Arizona Unit 8 also has produced the current Pope & Young world record non typical Rocky Mountain elk that net scores an incredible 442 0/8 inches. This amazing bull elk was harvested in September 2003 during the rut season archery bull elk hunt in Unit 8. As an encore to these 2 giant Unit 8 Arizona bull elk, the 2004 Arizona elk season saw an archery elk hunter harvest the current SCI world record free ranging archery elk in Arizona Unit 8. This giant Arizona bull elk scores a mind blowing 464 3/8 SCI inches. This giant Arizona bull elk, nicknamed “Godzilla”, was videoed by an elk hunter during the 2003 Unit 8 archery elk season and was estimated to score over 480 inches that previous year.

arizona elk hunts Our team has also produced an incredible 435″ B&C trophy bull out of Unit 8 that is the current #3 world record Muzzleloader Longhunter Society non typical bull elk. Arizona Unit 8 definitely has the genetics to produce some of the highest scoring bull elk to ever walk the face of the earth. Unit 8 offers five different bull elk hunts and elk seasons. The first Unit 8 bull elk hunt of the year is the early season archery bull elk hunt in the rut which begins in early September and runs for 14 days. Most of the elk are in the peak of the rut during these rut season unit 8 archery bull elk hunts and we feel that this is the best opportunity available for the serious trophy elk hunter to harvest the highest scoring bull elk possible in Unit 8 regardless of weapon. The next bull elk hunt would be either the Unit 8 early rifle bull elk hunt or Unit 8 early muzzleloader bull elk hunt that begins the day after the early season archery bull elk hunt ends. These 2 early season firearms elk hunts are not offered annually in Arizona unit 8 and it varies between rifle or muzzleloader when the Arizona Game & Fish department does decide to offer these trophy Arizona bull elk hunts in Unit 8. If they are available, these early season elk hunts in the rut are the best elk hunts for a firearm hunter to harvest the best bull elk possible in Unit 8. The elk are still rutting during this hunt and many of the big elk that roam this unit will still be very visible to elk hunters as they rut and chase their harems of cows. The third bull elk hunt that Unit 8 offers is the mid season rifle bull elk hunt that takes place in mid October. This is a post rut elk hunt that can be very difficult as the bull elk are moving into their late season winter patterns and are no longer rutting. The fourth bull elk hunt offered in Arizona Unit 8 is the late season archery bull elk hunt that begins in mid November and runs for 14 days. This is a very difficult late season elk hunt but it does offer Arizona elk hunters very good tag drawing odds and virtually no hunter pressure. If you can hunt the entire hunt and do a lot of scouting this can be a very good opportunity for you to easily draw a tag and do some Arizona elk hunting. The last bull elk hunt of the year in Unit 8 is the late season general rifle bull elk hunt that begins in late November and ends in early December. Tags for these Arizona late season rifle elk hunts are much easier to draw than the early season elk hunts in Unit 8 but the elk hunting is much more difficult. The winter terrain that the bull elk inhabit in Unit 8 can be extremely rough and getting an elk out after you have one down can be a massive undertaking. Be ready for what could be a very tough late season elk hunt if you apply for the late season Arizona unit 8 elk tags.

Arizona Unit 8 Antelope: Unit 8 offers a muzzleloader antelope hunt with very limited tags. There are no archery or rifle antelope hunts in Unit 8. This unit can be difficult to hunt due to the majority of the antelope population living in thick pine and cedar tree country. There are some giant antelope bucks in this unit however and you may be rewarded with the buck of a lifetime on this Arizona antelope hunt.

Arizona Unit 8 Black Bear: Unit 8 is home to a very healthy population of trophy Arizona black bears. This unit has some of the best bear country to be found in the entire state of Arizona and produces trophy color phase black bears annually. Black bears can be found in just about every area and elevation in Unit 8. From the high pine country, to the mid elevation canyon country, down to the lower cedar and prickly pear country, Unit 8 supports good bear numbers and is an excellent choice for anyone that is looking to experience some good Arizona Black Bear Hunts. We hunt these bears by locating food sources and mast crops on which the bears are feeding on. After we have located an area where the bears are feeding we will thoroughly glass the entire area with high powered tripod mounted optics in hopes of spotting a trophy sized Arizona black bear. Once we glass up a bear that we determine to be a shooter we will plan a stalk to get within shooting range. Sometimes we will also try to call the bear within range using a predator call. Calling bears is very exciting and is one of the most adrenaline filled hunts that we offer. We also hunt bears with hounds in Arizona Unit 8.

Arizona Unit 8 Mule Deer: Unit 8 occasionally produces some giant sized trophy mule deer bucks but they can be few and far between. Hunting for trophy mule deer bucks in Arizona Unit 8 can be difficult but with a lot of preseason scouting and aggressive hunting you may be able to turn up a trophy mule deer during your Arizona Unit 8 mule deer hunt.

Arizona Unit 8 Coues Deer: Unit 8 has a good coues deer population and occasionally produces some exceptional trophy Coues Deer bucks. The country that most of the trophy Coues Deer bucks inhabit in Unit 8 can be very rugged to hunt and difficult to spot deer in but there are some very good coues deer bucks to be found here. Don’t go to Unit 8 expecting to see high numbers of coues deer but, with some hard work and plenty of preseason scouting you can tag a great coues deer buck in Arizona Unit 8.

Arizona Unit 8 Turkey: Unit 8 has a great Merriams turkey population and hunters who are looking for a good Arizona turkey hunt will not go wrong by choosing to hunt this unit.

Arizona Unit 8 Mountain Lion: Plenty of trophy mountain lions can be found in Arizona Unit 8. The good population of big game animals that are found here support healthy numbers of mountain lions. Mountain lions are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to hunt without hiring an experienced houndsman to trail and tree your mountain lion for you. We have an excellent pack of world class dry ground lion hounds and an excellent string of horse and mules for our Arizona mountain lion hunts. Call or email us today if you would like to do some trophy Arizona mountain lion hunting in Unit 8.

Guides and Outfitters for Arizona Unit 8: We have lived and made our headquarters in Unit 8 (Chino Valley, AZ) since 1985 and have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience on all of the trophy big game hunts that are offered in this unit. Yavapai Outfitters LLC is one of your top choices for premium quality professional guide and outfitter services for all of the trophy big game species that are available to hunt in Arizona Unit 8. Whether you drew a Unit 8 elk tag, unit 8 mule deer tag, unit 8 coues deer tag, unit 8 antelope tag, or would like to go on a trophy black bear or mountain lion hunt in Arizona unit 8, we are one of your premier choices for Arizona Unit 8 Hunting Guides and Outfitters.

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