2011 Arizona Muzzleloader Bull Elk

arizona elk hunts2011 Arizona Muzzleloader Bull Elk


After the 2011 Arizona Early Rifle elk hunt we had the opportunity to join up with Travis McClendon of McClendons Guide Service  for the 2011 Arizona Muzzleloader Bull Elk hunt.

Although the elk ruttting activity was very minimal and the elk hunting was extremely difficult, we still managed to score on the exceptionally massive 6×8 Arizona bull elk that is pictured above and the 435″ B&C giant Arizona bull elk pictured below. This incredible Arizona bull elk is going to be the new #3 all time world record non typical Rocky Mountain Muzzleloader bull elk.

arizona elk hunts

We would like to give a big thank you to Travis McClendon and McClendons Guide Service  for allowing us to guide with them on this great Arizona Muzzleloader Elk Hunt.

Most importantly we would like to thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for allowing us to have such great success so far during this 2011 Arizona Elk season.

All Glory goes to God