2011 Arizona Mule Deer #3

arizona strip unit 13b guides 2011 ARIZONA MULE DEER #3

With 2 great Arizona mule deer bucks down so far during our 2011 Arizona mule deer season, we were very excited to continue hunting some more of the many giant Arizona mule deer bucks that we had located.

One of the great mule deer bucks that we had found during our preseason scouting was a  super 5×7 buck that we felt would score 200 inches B&C.

We were able to get some great live photos of this trophy Arizona mule deer buck just before the hunt started as he was aggressively rutting his large harem of does.

After passing on some very good mule deer bucks that were in the 190 range we were able to locate the big 5×7 on a distant ridge about 2 miles away as he was rutting a big group of does.

Once we determined that this was indeed the big mule deer buck that we had been looking for we came up with a plan on how to best approach this buck to get within range for a good shot.

After a very long stalk over some rugged terrain we were finally within rifle range of the great looking trophy mule deer buck and set up for the shot on the buck of a lifetime.

arizona strip unit 13b guides

The old buck was a true warrior and after some well placed shots the buck finally was down for good.

He was even better than we had expected once we put on our hands on him and we were all on cloud nine after being able to harvest 2 giant Arizona mule deer bucks in only 2 days of hunting.

We couldn’t possibly imagine that the 2011 mule deer season could get any better but it definitely did.

The Good Lord decided to bless us with some more trophy mule deer bucks and some more really great Arizona mule deer hunts in the days to follow.

Stay tuned for our next posts to see just how this incredible 2011 Arizona mule deer season turned out and contact us at Yavapai Outfitters LLC for one of your top choices in premium quality professional Arizona mule deer outfitters and Arizona mule deer guides.