2011 Arizona Mule Deer #4

arizona mule deer outfitters2011 ARIZONA MULE DEER #4

After being able to harvest three tremendous Arizona mule deer bucks during the 2011 Arizona Mule Deer season, we still had some hunters left to go and were keeping our fingers crossed for the remaining trophy mule deer hunts.

One of the Arizona mule deer bucks that we had been seeing was a really neat, old , wide non typical buck that we had nicknamed Goofy.

We estimated Goofy to be well over 30 inches wide and would make a super trophy for any hunter lucky enough to be able to harvest him.

We hunted hard for a few days encountering smaller bucks and some terrible weather.

After a bitterly cold morning glassing session we were discussing what our plan of attack for the evening should be.

We had been glassing a few miles away from the country that Goofy had been living in so we decided to spend the afternoon trying to locate this extremely unique trophy mule deer buck.

It was 1 pm when we arrived to our chosen glassing hill and after eating some sandwiches we began to pick apart the surrounding country with our Swarovski Optics.

arizona strip mule deer

Unbelievably, as soon as we started glassing we located Goofy out on a wide open ridge all by himself feeding contently in the noon time sunshine.

Goofy was nearly a mile away and after determining the best possible route for a stalk we where on our way.

By the time we had got within 500 yards, Goofy had bedded in the sage for an early afternoon nap.

It was just the break we needed.

We proceeded to crawl to 275 yards of this awesome trophy mule deer buck and harvested him right where he was bedded.

Goofy’s outside spread stretched the tape to 34 inches wide and topped with his awesome mass and unique frame we were truly fortunate to be able to harvest such a great Arizona mule deer buck.

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