2011 Arizona Mule Deer #6

kaibab mule deer guides2011 ARIZONA MULE DEER #6

As we type this post about another great buck from the 2011 Arizona mule deer season we would like to take a moment to thank our Lord and Creator for blessing us with such a wonderful year. Without Him we are absolutely nothing and all Glory goes to GOD.

We would also like to thank all of our trophy mule deer clients for trusting us to assist them with their once in a lifetime Arizona mule deer hunts. You make us living our dream a reality. Thank you!

With most of the Arizona mule deer bucks now being in the full rut, this final rifle hunt of the year treated us to some great deer activity with lots and lots of Arizona mule deer bucks being seen.

We were being extremely choosy as we had plenty of time to hunt and knew that if we were patient it would only be a matter of time before the Arizona mule deer buck of a lifetime would present us with an opportunity.

After passing up numerous bucks daily we were finally able to locate the monster mule deer buck that we had been waiting so patiently to appear.

He was three quarters of a mile away rutting his harem of does right at daylight.

One look through the Zeiss spotting scope was all that was needed to immediately determine that this was truly a world class mule deer buck and was definitely the trophy Arizona mule deer buck that we had been looking for.

kaibab mule deer

The wide antlered trophy mule deer buck began to follow his group of does which amazingly began to feed through the sage in a direct path to the hill we were glassing from.

All we had to do was sit still and wait and this awesome Arizona mule deer would come right to us.

Usually a lengthy and difficult stalk is usually in order on most hunts but this trophy Arizona mule deer buck was coming right to us as if we were pulling him in on a string.

One perfectly placed shot and this magnificent trophy mule deer buck was all ours.

A prayer of thanks was said and it was hard to choke back the emotional rush that came over us as we admired this great buck and reflected upon the great Arizona mule deer season we had in 2011. All Glory goes to you Lord!

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