The Best Elk Units in Arizona

unit 9 arizona elk guidesTHE BEST ELK UNITS IN ARIZONA

What are the best elk units in Arizona?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions that we get from serious elk hunters who are interested in hunting the trophy bull elk that reside in the great state of Arizona.

Since the 2012 Arizona elk application period is currently underway we thought that we should address this question along with some of the more popular questions that we receive every year from interested Arizona elk hunters.

What is the best elk unit in Arizona?

How long does it usually take to draw an elk tag in Arizona?

Are there any Arizona elk units that are easy to draw yet still offer a good opportunity at harvesting good bulls?

To start things off let’s take a look at what we currently feel are the top 5 elk units in Arizona.

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Our number one choice: Arizona Hunt Unit 10

Unit 10 is currently our number one choice on our list of the best elk units in Arizona. Arizona Unit 10 has some incredible trophy elk genetics and usually produces at least one or two giant 400 class trophy bull elk annually. Besides the incredible trophy elk genetics found in Unit 10, two of the biggest factors for choosing this unit as our number one pick on our list of the best elk units in Arizona is how consistent this unit usually is and how huntable this Arizona elk unit is. Even in the worst drought years Unit 10 always grows world class bull elk but it is Arizona Unit 10’s huntability that places it the very top of our list for the best elk units in Arizona. Arizona Unit 10 unit has a very vast amount of terrain that is perfectly suited for glassing and spot and stalk style trophy elk hunting. Arizona Unit 10 has a multitude of hills, peaks , ridges, and lots of other topographical relief which makes it very glassing friendly. Even if it is a bad rut year and the elk are not really being vocal you can always glass up trophy bull elk to go hunt in Arizona Unit 10. The very huntable terrain that is found in Arizona Unit 10 is also what makes this unit one of the best late season rifle elk hunts in the state.

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Our number two choice: Arizona Hunt Unit 9

Arizona Unit 9 is our number two choice on our list of the best elk units in Arizona. Arizona Unit 9 on the right range conditions can be some of the finest public land elk hunting on the planet. The trophy elk genetics that are found in Arizona Unit 9 are incredible. Unit 9 is surrounded by two indian reservations, a national park, and by Arizona Unit 10. There are no finer trophy elk genetics available anywhere in the world on public land. The early season archery elk hunts in the rut or the early season muzzleloader or rifle elk hunts in the rut are the only elk hunts that you should consider applying for if you would like the highest odds of harvesting a world class Arizona elk in Arizona Unit 9. Most of unit 9 is extremely thick and very flat terrain which makes glassing absolutely impossible throughout most of the unit. This thick and flat terrain makes for very difficult late season archery elk hunts and late season rifle elk hunts in this unit. Also, the weather can have a significant impact on the rutting conditions of the elk in Arizona Unit 9. If you have drawn an early season archery or rifle rut elk tag for Arizona Unit 9 and the elk are not rutting hard and being very vocal, you may be in for a very long and very disappointing experience. If you do happen to draw a Arizona Unit 9 rut season elk tag on a good rut year though you will get to experience and enjoy some of the finest public land elk hunting to be found on the face of the earth.

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Our number 3 choice: Arizona Hunt Unit 23

While Arizona Unit 23 might not always produce giant Arizona bull elk in the numbers that Unit 9 and 10 do, Arizona elk hunters can’t go wrong by applying for an elk tag in unit 23. This unit has great trophy elk genetics and usually has great rutting activity which makes for a very fun and enjoyable hunt. The late season rifle elk hunt in Arizona Unit 23 is also one of the best late season rifle elk hunts in the state of Arizona.

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Our number 4 choice: Arizona Hunt Unit 8

Arizona Unit 8 has produced some of the highest scoring public land bull elk ever taken in the world. The current P&Y non typical bull elk hails from unit 8 at a whopping 444 P&Y net. The SCI world record non typical archery elk also was harvested in unit 8 scoring a mind blowing 460 plus SCI. Two of the highest scoring trophy Arizona bull elk that we have ever produced have also come out of Arizona unit 8 and scored 424 B&C and 435 B&C. Arizona Unit 8 can be very tough to hunt though and the bulls here get pressured very heavily due to most of this unit being a very popular recreation and getaway spot for weekenders. Most of the bulls in Arizona Unit 8 are in the 300 to 340 range but it does produce some absolute monster Arizona bull elk as mentioned above. The late season hunt in Arizona Unit 8 can also be a good choice for Arizona elk hunters that do not have a lot of bonus points built up and are not wanting to wait to draw an Arizona elk tag.

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Our number 5 choice: Arizona Hunt Unit 7 West

Although it’s at number 5 on our list, Arizona elk hunters can’t go wrong applying for an elk tag in Arizona Unit 7 west. Good trophy elk genetics, good elk densities, and huntable terrain make this Arizona elk unit a very solid choice for anyone thinking about applying for an Arizona elk tag. Arizona Unit 7 west was home to the P&Y world record typical bull elk that stood for many years scoring an awesome 400 net P&Y inches.

How long does it usually take to draw an Arizona elk tag?

If you are a non resident elk hunter and want to draw a rut season tag for ony of the above mentioned units you are in for a long wait unless you have 12 plus bonus points. If you are a Arizona resident elk hunter you might be able to draw on of these tags on the very first time so apply, apply, apply.

Are there any Arizona Elk units or Arizona Elk hunts that are easy to draw yet still offer a good opportunity at good bulls?

YES THERE IS. There are quite a few archery and rifle Arizona Elk hunts that offer hunters the chance to hunt good quality Arizona bull elk and offer great draw odds for non resident elk hunters. If you are an archery elk hunter there are late season archery bull elk hunts in Arizona that you can draw every single year even as a non resident. Would you like to hunt 300 to 330 class or even better Arizona bull elk nearly every year? If so, contact us right away and we will get you set up to apply for these easier to draw Arizona elk hunts. Yavapai Outfitters LLC is one of your top choices in premium quality professional Arizona elk outfitters and Arizona elk guides.