Arizona Hunt Unit 5B North

arizona unit 5b North elk guidesArizona Hunt Unit 5B North


Big Game species found in Arizona Hunt Unit 5B North

  • Black Bear
  • Elk
  • Javelina
  • Merriam’s Turkey
  • Mountain Lion
  • Mule Deer

Arizona Unit 5B North Big Game Hunts

Arizona Unit 5B North Elk: Located just to the east and south of the town of Flagstaff, unit 5B north is located right in the middle of some of Arizona’s best elk units and best elk country. Unit 5B north has a very good population of Rocky mountain elk that are pretty evenly distributed across all of the elevation, terrain, and vegetation types that are found throughout this Arizona elk unit. The trophy bull elk quality that is found in Arizona Unit 5B north can be very good as well. When most people think about hunting trophy bull elk in Arizona they usually do not think about applying for their Arizona elk tag in unit 5B north. Most trophy elk hunters, especially non residents, who are interested in trophy Arizona bull elk hunts tend to concentrate on and end up applying for some of the more well known and famous Arizona trophy elk units such as Arizona Hunt Unit 10 – Arizona Hunt Unit 9Arizona Hunt unit 23 – Arizona Hunt Unit 8Arizona Hunt Unit 7 West – and so on and so forth. While these top 5 Arizona elk units are certainly incredible places to elk hunt and do produce trophy bull elk annually, they can be extremely difficult to draw a tag in unless you have 16 plus bonus points. These above mentioned units are world class elk units but they are not the only elk units in Arizona that have trophy bulls in them. Every single unit that has elk in Arizona has the potential to produce 360 plus bull elk. Arizona Unit 5B north is one of them. True, this unit does not consistently produce the high numbers of giant Arizona bull elk that some of the other Arizona elk units do but there are some very good trophy bull elk that are available to hunt in Arizona unit 5B north. You also have a much higher chance of drawing a top quality early season archery bull elk tag in the rut in Arizona Unit 5B north than in any of the previously mentioned Arizona elk units. Non residents do not have to wait for years and years or even decades to enjoy a fantastic Arizona archery elk hunt in the rut if you choose to apply for an archery bull elk hunt in unit 5b North this year. Are you tired of waiting for 10 years plus to go on a Arizona elk hunt? Do you want to go elk hunting for trophy bulls in Arizona sooner rather than later? Would you like to be able to draw a rut season non resident archery bull elk tag in Arizona? Do yourself a favor and seriously consider applying for an Arizona elk tag in unit 5b north this year.

Arizona Unit 5B North Black Bear: Unit 5B north has a very stable and huntable population of Arizona black bears. Trophy quality black bears can be found in unit 5B north and it is definitely a good unit to consider for your Arizona black bear hunts this year.

Arizona Unit 5B North Mule Deer: There are some absolute giant mule deer bucks that live in unit 5B north but the mule deer densities are not very high in this unit and the big bucks are few and far between. Think about hunting some other units for your Arizona mule deer hunts this year.

Arizona Unit 5B North Mountain Lion: Unit 5B north has a healthy population of mountain lions and is an excellent unit to think about when planning your Arizona mountain lion hunts this winter. Mountain lions can be hunted by glassing and varmint calling but far and away your best bet for success on a Arizona mountain lion is to hire a reputable and experienced houndsman. There are many avid hunters that haved lived and hunted in arizona their entire lives and have never even seen a mountain lion without the aid of a well trained pack of experienced mountain lion hounds.

Arizona Unit 5B North Guides and Outfitters: We have been successfully trophy hunting in Unit 5B north for many years and have been able to acquire a vast amount of experience and knowledge in this unit. Yavapai Outfitters LLC is one of your top choices in premium quality professional Arizona hunting outfitters and Arizona hunting guides for Unit 5B North. We can help you make the most of your Arizona unit 5B north Big Game hunt and ensure that you will be hunting some of the best trophy big game animals that this unit has to offer. Being a full time year round hunting guide and outfitter service, we can spend unmatched time in the field preseason scouting and locating the highest caliber trophy animals for your hunt.

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