Arizona Late Season Rifle Elk Hunts

arizona unit 8 elk outfittersARIZONA LATE SEASON RIFLE ELK HUNTS

The Arizona late season rifle bull elk hunts in Arizona can be a very good option to apply for if you are looking to harvest a trophy Arizona bull elk this year and you do not have a bunch of bonus points built up for the Arizona elk draw.

Non resident elk hunters can draw these late season elk tags much more frequently and be able to hunt the best elk units in Arizona without having to wait for many years or even decades to draw a tag.
For a non resident elk hunter it usually takes about 15 years or more to draw a tag if you only apply for the early season rut hunts in the premier elk units in Arizona. Do you have that kind of time to wait if you are just starting to build bonus points for Arizona? Most of don’t and most of us would really like a chance to hunt big Arizona bull elk a lot sooner than that.

We know what you’re all thinking right now as you are reading this, these late season Arizona elk hunts are a lot easier to draw because it’s impossible to kill a big bull elk on these hunts right? These late season elk hunts are definitely much tougher hunting than the rut hunts but, these late rifle bull hunts do produce giant Arizona bulls annually and you just never know what kind of bull you are going to glass up anytime that you are you are hunting elk in any of the premier elk units in the state of Arizona. Some of the highest scoring bull elk that we have ever seen and produced here at Yavapai Outfitters have been taken during the late season general elk hunts. These late season elk hunts are very tough but they do offer you a chance to harvest a good quality Arizona bull elk.

The time frame that the late season rifle bull elk hunts take place in is the winter months during late November or early December. During this time of the year most of the Arizona bull elk are usually going to be found off by themselves or they will be hanging around together in small groups of bachelor bulls.

The elks’ main concern during these cold winter months is to recuperate from the intense toll that all of the fighting and chasing from the rut season has taken on them and to rest and put on as much weight as possible for the upcoming winter months ahead.

An advantage that elk hunters will have while hunting during these late season elk hunts is that usually when you find a big bull in the winter he is more than likely not going to be moving very far from where you get him located. Bull elk can cover some incredibly large distances during the rut as they search for cow elk that are in estrous and where you find them one day, they might be 10 miles away the next. This is generally not the case during the Arizona late season bull elk hunts in the winter. The bulls are going to want to rest and do not want to expend a lot of energy during this time so they will select an area to spend the entire winter in that offers them feed, water, and seclusion without having to move very far. This is great for trophy elk hunters because unless the bull gets blown out of the country by some sort of pressure, you have a very good chance of keeping your bull elk located within the same general vicinity of where you first found him.

Also, since most of the Arizona bulls are mainly going to be by themselves or in small groups of bulls during these late season elk hunts, it’s a heck of a lot easier to stalk up on them once you get a trophy bull located that you would like to harvest. It’s a lot easier when you only have to sneak past one set of eyeballs instead of twenty or thirty as can often be the case during the rut elk hunts when the elk are all grouped together in large herds.

Another very exciting opportunity that these late season bull elk hunts in Arizona offer is the chance to experience a true horseback wilderness elk hunt. Some of the Arizona elk hunting units that offer these tags have very large wilderness areas in them that are totally closed to any motorized travel and are only accessible with horses and mules. These Arizona wilderness areas can offer some very high quality trophy elk hunting during the late season elk hunts and will eliminate about 95% percent of the hunter pressure and competition for bulls.

With all of the above being said, here are a couple of things that all interested Arizona elk hunters need to consider when thinking about applying for one of these Arizona late season rifle elk hunts. The terrain that most of the Arizona bulls tend to be found in during these late season elk hunts is generally rougher and much steeper than the areas that the elk rut in during the early season hunts. Make sure that you take some time to improve your physical condition as much as you possibly can before going on your late season elk hunt in Arizona. Also, since most of the Arizona elk have been doing some fighting and sparring during the rut, there is a chance that you might encounter some antler breakage on some of the bull elk that you will be seeing during these late season rifle bull elk hunts in Arizona. With plenty of pre season scouting though you will be able to locate some great Arizona bulls that are still fully intact for your late season elk hunt.

Contact us at any time if you would like to discuss these late season Arizona elk hunts with us in detail. These late season elk hunts in Arizona are a very exciting opportunity for you to come out and hunt Arizona’s giant elk with us without having to wait for years and years to draw your tag. Yavapai Outfitters LLC is one of your top choices in premium quality professional Arizona elk outfitters and Arizona elk guides for all of the trophy elk hunting units that are available in the state of Arizona. We have many years of experience guiding and outfitting these late season elk hunts annually and we can put together a great trophy elk hunt for you should you decide to apply for these late season Arizona elk tags.