2012 Arizona Elk Draw Results

unit 9 arizona elk guides 2012 ARIZONA ELK DRAW RESULTS

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is just about that time of year again.

All of the waiting, anxiety, and hoping to see if we get to hunt Arizona elk in 2012 is about to come to a climax.

The 2012 Arizona Elk Draw results are due to be released any day now by the Arizona Game and Fish Department and we are very excited to begin another year of scouting, locating, and successfully hunting these giant Arizona elk.

All of our hardworking and dedicated professional Arizona elk guides are chomping at the bit to begin working on our 2012 Arizona elk hunts. Most of our Arizona elk guides have already been hard at work out in the field shed hunting for giant Arizona elk sheds this spring.

2012 promises to be another great year for elk in Arizona and we have been keeping tabs on quite a few giant bull elk in several of the best Arizona elk units that survived all of the 2011 Arizona elk hunts.

We have just received a very substantial amount of much needed moisture in most of the premier elk units in Arizona and it looks like the Arizona bull elk are going to be off to a very good start for antler growth this year.

The 2012 Arizona elk draw results will most likely be posted up on the Arizona Game and Fish Department website ( www.azgfd.gov ) before the phone results are released.

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