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Unit 10 Arizona Elk: Unit 10 is one of, if not the best, premier trophy elk units in the state of Arizona. Unit 10 consistently produces Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young record book elk annually and usually produces at least one or more giant 400 inch bulls nearly every year as well. If you are looking to harvest a world class trophy bull elk, Arizonas’ unit 10 is the place where it can happen. The current Pope & Young world record elk (typical) came out of Arizona Hunt Unit 10 and the trophy elk genetics that are found here are some of the very finest to be found in the world. Unit 10 is surrounded by the Hualapai Indian reservation on the west side, the Havasupai Indian reservation on the north west corner, and Arizona Hunt Unit 9 to the north. All of these trophy elk hunting areas have a very long history of producing some of the highest scoring trophy elk that have ever been harvested world wide. Several of Arizona’s Governor Tag elk have come from Arizona Unit 10 and with very good reason: Unit 10 is a proven trophy elk producing unit.


We feel that an elk hunters best opportunity to harvest a unit 10 trophy bull elk would come by applying for and drawing either the early season Unit 10 archery elk bull hunt in the rut or the early season Unit 10 early rifle elk hunt in the rut. Most of the bull elk that are found in Arizona Unit 10 are going to be in the full rut during these 2 early season elk hunts and this time period is when the biggest bulls in Arizona unit 10 are going to be the most visible to hunters. These trophy elk hunts in the rut in Arizona Unit 10 are the best time to focus on trying to harvest a world class Arizona bull elk in this unit. Elk hunters can also apply for the late season elk hunts in Unit 10 to have a good chance of drawing a tag and still have a decent chance of harvesting a trophy Arizona bull elk.


The late season rifle and archery elk hunts in unit 10 do not have nearly as high potential for trophy elk as the early hunts but, you still have the slim chance of possibly harvesting a great bull elk on these late season elk hunts. The late season elk hunts in Arizona Unit 10 also offer the non resident elk hunter much better tag drawing odds. Arizona Unit 10 is a very huntable elk unit due to the fact that this unit is interspersed with a lot of rolling hills, broken ridge country, and lots of knobs that make excellent glassing points from which to scout and hunt trophy Arizona bull elk from. Arizona’s Unit 10 also has plenty of flat, jungle thick juniper country that provides trophy sized bull elk with an ocean of thick cover in which to hide and grow to record breaking size in. Arizona Unit 10 has all of the right ingredients for consistently growing giant bull elk and unit 10 should be very high on your list of the best Arizona units to apply for elk in.


Yavapai Outfitters LLC is extremely experienced in Arizona Unit 10 and we have been very fortunate to have been able to produce some of the highest scoring trophy elk to have ever come out of this great Arizona Elk unit. Our expansive team of trophy elk hunting professionals guides and outfits trophy elk hunts in Arizona Unit 10 every year and have so for decades. Several of our professional Arizona elk guides have either been born and raised or have lived within minutes of Arizona unit 10 for decades. You can rest assured that Yavapai Outfitters LLC and our hardworking team of highly experienced Arizona trophy elk hunting professionals will provide you with one of the finest opportunities of harvesting a world class trophy bull elk in Arizona Unit 10. We have a tremendous amount of resources at our disposal and being full time year round professional Arizona Elk Outfitters allows us to spend enormous amounts of time out in the field preseason scouting and locating the highest scoring trophy bull elk possible in Arizona Unit 10 for you.


Please feel free to call or email Yavapai Outfitters LLC and our highly experienced team of Arizona trophy elk hunting professionals at anytime if you would like to discuss Unit 10 Arizona elk hunting. We will ensure that you make the most of your long awaited Arizona Unit 10 elk tag and provide you with a premium quality professional trophy elk hunting experience.


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