2011 Arizona Muzzleloader Bull Elk

2011 Arizona Muzzleloader Bull Elk   After the 2011 Arizona Early Rifle elk hunt we had the opportunity to join up with Travis McClendon of McClendons Guide Service  for the 2011 Arizona Muzzleloader Bull Elk hunt. Although the elk ruttting activity was very minimal and the elk hunting was extremely difficult, we still managed to score on the exceptionally massive 6x8 Arizona bull elk that is pictured above and the 435" B&C giant Arizona bull elk pictured below. This incredible … [Read more...]

2011 Arizona Early Rifle Bull Elk

2011 Arizona Early Rifle Bull Elk   After a very successful 2011 Arizona archery elk season, Yavapai Outfitters had the exciting opportunity to team up with Johnny Casner and Arizona High Country Outfitters  for the 2011 Arizona Early Rifle bull Elk hunt.   The bulls were in the peak of the rut and were screaming their heads off on opening morning as our team searched the Arizona country side for one of the monster Arizona bulls that had been spotted during pre-season … [Read more...]

2011 Arizona Archery Elk #3

2011 Arizona Archery Elk #3   In our last post about the 2011 Arizona Archery bull elk season we finished by saying "does elk hunting get any better than this?" Well, it looks like it does sometimes.... The Good Lord blessed us and our clients with another incredible Arizona archery bull elk. We harvested this superb Arizona bull elk on the fifth evening of the 2011 Arizona archery elk season after battling some of the worst rain, hail, and lightning we have ever seen in our … [Read more...]

2011 Arizona Archery Elk #2

2011 Arizona Archery Elk #2   The Good Lord has been very good to Yavapai Outfitters LLC during the 2011 Arizona Archery elk season and we were blessed yet again with another very successful hunt on another giant Arizona bull elk for our clients. We were able to harvest this fantastic Arizona bull elk on the third morning of the archery elk hunt after nearly getting busted by some cows in some wide open country while on the way to get close to this bull for a shot. After a very … [Read more...]

2011 Arizona Archery Elk

2011 Arizona Archery Elk   The 2011 Arizona Archery Elk hunts are off and running and we have had an incredible elk hunting year so far at Yavapai Outfitters LLC. For the most part the 2011 Arizona elk rutting activity has been very slow and the elk hunting has been very difficult but the elk antler growth has been incredible. Good winter moisture coupled with good spring and summer rains produced a bumper crop of giant Arizona bull elk that awaited the lucky tag holders who … [Read more...]


  2010 ARIZONA DRAW RESULTS NOW AVAILABLE THE 2010 FALL ARIZONA DRAW RESULTS FOR MULE DEER, COUES DEER, DESERT BIGHORN SHEEP, AND ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIGHORN SHEEP ARE NOW AVAILABLE The fall 2010 Arizona hunt draw results for Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Desert Bighorn sheep, and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep are now available to all Arizona big game hunters online at the Arizona Game and Fish Department website. Log on to http://www.azgfd.gov to gain access to your draw results  for … [Read more...]