Hunting in Mexico

HUNTING IN MEXICO   There are very few trophy hunting destinations around the world that can offer the world class quality mule deer, coues deer, and desert bighorn sheep hunting that is found while hunting in Old Mexico, specifically in the state of Sonora. Many giant mule deer bucks, giant coues deer bucks, and giant desert bighorn rams will grow old and die here without ever having set eyes on a human being much less having a bullet fired at them. Opportunities for world class … [Read more...]

A Trophy Coues Deer Hunt

A TROPHY COUES DEER HUNT It just couldn't possibly get any hotter. The heat seemed to radiate like an oven off of the black pile of volcanic rock that we were glassing from. The metal legs on my optics tripod felt hot enough to light a cigarette from. This was definitely not the weather that you would expect to be in while hunting for rutting mule deer or coues deer. I was in Sonora Mexico and had finished up guiding a group of hunters the day before and got the very rare opportunity of … [Read more...]