Central Arizona Mule Deer Hunts

CENTRAL ARIZONA MULE DEER HUNTS Besides all of the trophy mule deer hunts that we guide and outfit on the Arizona Strip and the Kaibab Plateau, our Arizona Strip Guides Team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals also guides and outfits trophy mule deer hunts in our Southern and Central Arizona hunting areas as well. Our Central Arizona mule deer hunts offer nonresident big game hunters the opportunity of hunting some great Arizona mule deer bucks on a rifle hunt without having to wait for … [Read more...]

Archery Big Game hunting out West

ARCHERY BIG GAME HUNTING OUT WEST You want me to practice out to how far? Out to 70 yards with a bow? Are you serious? I don't even have sight pins on my bow that go out to 70 yards. We don't even have an Archery range around here that will go out that far. These are the kind of replies that we sometimes receive when talking to clients about what kind of shots to expect while archery hunting trophy big game animals with us out west. The open country that we have out here can be quite a … [Read more...]

Preparing for a Guided Western Big Game Hunt

PREPARING FOR A GUIDED WESTERN BIG GAME HUNT You have just found out that you have finally drawn that western Big Game tag of a lifetime that you have been faithfully applying for since what seems like forever ago. You are on cloud nine about your upcoming premium western Big Game hunt and, after a little bragging and some celebratory phone calls and emails to your hunting buddies, the rush starts to contact quality big game hunting outfitters who may be able to guide you on your long … [Read more...]

30 inch Mexico Mule Deer

30 INCH MEXICO MULE DEER It was now after dark on the very first day of our Mexico Mule Deer hunt and our conversation drifted back to the buck we had passed up that morning. The buck was only a 3 by 4 but had good length on all his tines and an outside spread that we estimated at around 27 inches, we didn't quite think that he would be a 30 inch Mexico mule deer. His 4 point antler on his right side looked like it might go close to 190 inches typical if doubled. However, it was only 5 … [Read more...]